"An Udder Disaster" is the fourth episode in Season 4 of Bunk'd and the sixty-second overall. It premiered on July 11, 2019 to 0.47 million viewers.


Finn offers to care for Lou's beloved cow Bessie but must prove he can handle the responsibility. Meanwhile, Destiny and Gwen concoct a plan to patch things up between Ava and her mother, and Matteo helps Noah learn French for an audition.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • The title is a play of the phrase "an utter disaster".
  • Gwen's favorite doll was a Wood Nymph Dream Effigy named "Cuddles".
  • Because of his bond with Bessie, Finn decides to become a vegetarian.
  • Destiny uses stationery with glitter.
  • Lou jokes that Bessie arrived via "Moo-PS".
  • Ava's mother, Bonnie King, is introduced.
  • Bonnie King states she is the mother of six children.
  • Ava's favorite dish her mom makes is Canadian Bacon Burrito Casserole.
  • Ava's middle name is revealed as Marie.
  • Finn likes machines that shoot out balls.
  • The cow that appeared in the episode is named Ashley.


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