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Ava Marie King is a former main character who had main appearances in seasons 4 and 5 of Bunk'd. She is a tenacious counselor from the big city who is unfamiliar with camp traditions.
She is portrayed by Shelby Simmons.


Ava is self-involved, she tends not to be interested in making friends or the personal lives of other people.
It is eventually revealed this is related to the fact she rarely gets personal time away from her family, which causes a desire to have as much isolation as possible.

However, after Noah tries to genuinely become her friend, she starts to be a little less standoffish, realizing that maybe having one friend is preferable to always being alone.

Ava tends to be irresponsible at times, easily being persuaded into allowing the campers to undertake reckless and dangerous behavior.
She gradually grew out of this after learning some responsibility for the campers.


Being the only daughter in her family, Ava consistently felt ignored and overshadowed by her brothers' achievements.

When her mother failed to attend one of Ava's volleyball tournaments, Ava interpreted this as a lack of affection and interest, had a big fight with her mother, then got on a bus and just kept going until it stopped at Moose-rump. With no idea what to do next, she applied to be a camp counselor for Woodchuck Cabin, just to avoid having to go home.

When Destiny and Gwen learn about Ava's emotional separation from her mother, they decide to send a fake letter from Ava apologizing to Bonnie King, unfortunately for them, this causes Bonnie to arrive at the camp in person to reconcile with her daughter and their ruse is soon discovered.

Bonnie and Ava eventually reconcile for real with Lou's assistance, but when Ava tries to leave to go home, Destiny and Gwen refuse to let her, because they will miss her if she leaves.
Seeing how much the Woodchuck girls care for Ava, Bonnie advises her to stay at the camp as a counselor for the cabin.

When Destiny accidentally discovers Ava's hidden singing talent, she encourages her to try out for the vacant position of Camp Song leader, only for Ava's public performance anxiety to take effect and cause her physical & emotional distress. The girls eventually figure out a way for Ava to gain confidence in public performing and when later seen singing/guitar playing on stage, Ava doesn't have any difficulty in performing publicly.

Destiny Baker[]

Destiny is Ava's friend, they are really good friends.

Gwen Flores[]

Gwen and Ava are really good friends, they are shown to bond a lot. They don't reunite when Gwen comes to visit in Crushin' It.



Appearances: 49/161

Season 4[]

  1. Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!
  2. Kikiwaka's Got Talent
  3. Yes, Lies and Tower Escape
  4. An Udder Disaster
  5. Hot Spring Friend Machine
  6. Water Under the Dock
  7. In Your Wildest Screams
  8. Inn Trouble
  9. Lake Rancid
  10. Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
  11. Mo-Squito Mo Problems
  12. Sore Lou-ser
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Serfs Up-rising
  15. Summer Winter Wonderland
  16. Cramped Champions
  17. A Tale of Two Stackers
  18. Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat
  19. Snow Cups and Fisticuffs
  20. The S'more, The S'merrier
  21. Lava at First Sight
  22. Town and Clown Relations
  23. Whisper Toots
  24. My Fairy Lady
  25. Party Pooper
  26. Squatters' Fights
  27. Three Stars and a Baby
  28. Manic Moose Day
  29. Breaking Barb
  30. Raven About Bunk’d

Season 5[]

  1. Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross
  2. Rise of the Machine
  3. R.V. Having Fun Yet?
  4. Tentacle Difficulties
  5. Luck of the Chuck
  6. Look Who's Squawking
  7. Raucous Science
  8. Baton-man Begins
  9. Everyone's Trap'd
  10. Pop Pop Poppin' In
  11. Roll Models
  12. Gi Whiz
  13. Dancin' Up a Storm
  14. The Great Awkward Bake-Off
  15. Crushin' It
  16. Camp Creepy-Waka
  17. A Star is Torn
  18. Moose Queens and Possum Kings
  19. Frien'ds Forever

Season 7


  • Ava is fond of Italian food, particularly Garlic bread.
  • In Squatters' Fights Ava revealed that she has a weak bladder.
  • In Kikiwaka's Got Talent the reason Ava couldn't sleep is that it's too quiet at camp and she misses the noises of the city. Everyone made loud noises so Ava could fall asleep.
  • Ava's middle name is revealed to be Marie in An Udder Disaster.
  • When she was young, Ava's nose was smashed with a tetherball, it required several nose surgeries to repair.
  • As told by her mother in Udder Disaster, she plays volleyball.
  • Ava can sing and play the guitar, first shown in Mo-Squito Mo Problems and later in Summer Winter Wonderland.
  • Some of Ava's hobbies include volleyball, wrestling, singing, and playing guitar
  • She always feels unnoticed when she has to say something to her family.
  • Of her older brothers, she likes Alex the most.
  • When she asked Lou for more responsibility, she was given charge of the PeeWee Wakas with Noah.
  • She also has to select the Kikiwaka Camper of the week.
  • Ava did not appear in Out of the Doghouse and I Won't Let You Clown.
  • Ava's birthday is a week after Noah's.
  • It's revealed in Finn It to Win It that Ava became the new camp director.
  • She is the fourth main character to appear in two seasons in the series, the first was Xander, Tiffany, and Jorge.
  • She replaces Emma from the first 3 seasons.
  • Ava will guest star in the 7th and final season, returning for the series finale along with Gwen Flores, Finn Sawyer and Matteo Silva.
  • Ava’s Family’s apartment is next to a fire station and they sleep through all the sirens which she and her family are actually worried about


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