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Barbzilla "Barb" Barca is a recurring character appearing in Seasons 4, 5 and Season 7 of Bunk'd. She is the Camp Director of Camp Champion, Camp Kikiwaka's despised rival from across the lake.

She is played by Raini Rodriguez.



Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]

Season 7[]


  • Barb is a Gold Medalist in the sport of speed walking
  • Barb and Lou Hockhauser are longtime rivals.
  • Barb openly stated she loves cheating in order to win.
  • She was mentioned in Where the Buffalo Betties Roam as loathing Lou.
  • Raini Rodriguez appeared in Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year crossover episode of Jessie and Austin & Ally as "Trish de la Rosa" and is the first actor to appear in Jessie and later play a different role on Bunk'd.
    • "Trish de la Rosa" also apparated in The Bite Club episode pf I Didn't Do It.
  • Raini Rodriguez also appeared as a recurring character in I'm In the Band and appeared in one episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.


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