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Rise and shine, sleepyheads! I am Lou. Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka!
Lou waking up the Fam in their Scüt.

The paths of the Baxter-Carter-Grayson Fam and those of the Camp Kikiwaka Campers, began to converge one morning when Lou discovers a strange Scüt vehicle parked in the space reserved for the camp bus, and investigates, discovering the Chicago based characters inside. They are also the protagonists of their own Disney Channel Original Series, Raven's Home.

Fam Members[]

Raven Baxter[]

Is every town around here named after a moose part?
Raven to Lou and Destiny.

Raven Lydia Baxter was the mother of Nia and Booker and the best friend of Chelsea Grayson. When her neighbor, Tess O'Malley, announces that her plan to travel from Chicago to Camp Champion in Maine with her dad in his semi-truck, has fallen through. Raven volunteers to take Tess to her Basketball Camo in her Scüt vehicle. At Nia's suggestion, and Chelsea's approval, the simple drive to Maine is expanded into a full family vacation. As the group leaves Chicago, they are all singing to the latest hit summertime song, yet twenty hours later, in the darkened back roads of Maine, only Raven remains awake. Turning into the first sign that reads "camp" she pulls into the parking area before falling asleep herself. Raven wakes up when Nia tells her that someone outside is staring at them. That "someone", turns out to be named Lou Hockhauser, who identifies herself as the Director of Camp Kikiwaka. Realizing she has driven to the wrong camp, Raven asks Lou the directions to Camp Champion, and learns that it's only across the lake from their current position. Tess then slips out of the car and says she is going to swim the rest of the way, but Lou warns against that action. She then reveals that she is quite busy at the moment as she plans to have an open house for the camp in a few days to drum up business for next summer. Meanwhile, the other kids also exit the vehicle and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful nature of the place. Nia asks if Lou could use some extra help,
Raven Baxter was played by Raven-Symoné .


  • Raven Baxter was the protagonist of the Disney Channel Original series, That's So Raven which depicted the character's teenaged years as a secret psychic from 2003-2007.
  • Raven appears in a possible future where the Campers visit 352 Hauser Avenue and are caught in another Sawyer stink bomb.
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Nia Baxter-Carter[]

It's an abstract commentary on mankind's environmental
impact on Mother Earth. Either that, or a dog.
Nia describing her artwork to Destiny.

Nia Baxter-Carter was the daughter of Raven Baxter and the twin sister of Booker. One day Nia was in her room waiting for lunch when she discerned the excited voice of her best friend Tess in the living room. Going to investigate she soon learns of Tess' admission to Camp Champion, which Nia knew her friend has been anxious to hear about. After giving Tess a hug, the girls dance about happily as Nia tell her mom and Chelsea the news, which they already knew. When her mother offers to take her best friend Tess to her Basketball Camp in Maine, Nia seizes on the idea, and suggests turning iit into a full family vacation.
Nia Baxter-Carter was played by Navia Robinson


  • Nia was not a Woodchuck, as she did not meet the other girls until after she had settled in.
  • Nia appears in a possible future where the Campers visit 352 Hauser Avenue and are caught in another Sawyer stink bomb.
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Booker Baxter-Carter[]

What? Of course not. No psychics here.
Booker's emphatic answer to Noah's rhetorical question.

Booker Baxter-Carter was the son of Raven Baxter and the twin brother of Nia. One afternoon as Booker and Levi were playing chess, as their mothers prepared lunch, their neighbor, Tess entered to state she had gotten in to a one week basketball Camp Champion. While the news seemed pleasant enough, only Nia seemed to share Tess' level of excitement, As the girls hugged and danced around Booker settled in the chair by the door as Levi took the couch. Booker sat back as Tess and Chelsea bickered whether Camp Champion was in Maine or on Main until Booker's mom finally explained that the camp was actually in the state of Maine. Booker then watched Nia feign excitement for the cross-country road trip Tess planned to share with her dad in his 18 wheeler, Levi called her on it, and Nia whispered that she was just supporting her friend.
Booker Baxter-Carter was played by Issac Ryan Brown.


  • Known only to his closest family and friends, Booker inherited his mother's ability to have visions of the future.
  • Booker has a vision of a possible future where the Campers visit 352 Hauser Avenue and are caught in another Sawyer stink bomb.
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Chelsea Grayson[]

Man, I can't even tell you how many pits Raven's tossed me out of.
Chelsea to Lou.

Chelsea Ophelia Daniels Grayson was the best friend of Raven Baxter and the mother of Levi.
Chelsea Grayson was played by Anneliese van der Pol.


  • As Chelsea Daniels, the character co-starred in That's So Raven as Raven Baxter's best friend and confidant.
  • Chelsea appears in a possible future where the Campers visit 352 Hauser Avenue and are caught in another Sawyer stink bomb.
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Levi Grayson[]

I've been looking at the brochure and knot tying starts
in half an hour And I will 'knot' be missing that. Just a
little camp humor. So, don't try to 'rope' me in. (Laughs)
Levi to Booker.'

Levi Mahalo Grayson was the son of Chelsea Grayson and the adoptive sibling of the Baxter-Carter twins. One afternoon as Levi and Booker were playing chess as their moms were making sandwiches for lunch. Their neighbor Tess, arrived to announce that she had got into a basketball program at Camp Champion. No one present was overly excited by the news until Nia came in the room and heard the news and the two girls quickly hugged and danced about.
Levi Grayson was played by Jason Maybaum.


  • Levi was given the middle name "Mahalo," (a Hawaiian greeting) because his parents believe he was conceived there.
  • Levi appears in a possible future where the Campers visit 352 Hauser Avenue and are caught in another Sawyer stink bomb.
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Tess O'Mallley[]

A few of the Camp Champion counselors were talking
about how their camp was gonna buy this place and turn
it into a garbage dump. Once they cleaned it up first.
Tess revealing Camp Champion's plot.

Tess O'Malley was the across the hall neighbor of the Baxters, and an accepted honorary member of the Family. When Tess learned she had been selected for a week of Basketball camp at Camp Champion in Maine, she immediately told her parents. Her father was so happy, that he offered to take her there personally in his big rig. Tess then raced across the hall to spread the news. Entering the Baxter-Grayson place, Tess saw the guys playing chess, while their moms prepared lunch, and exclaimed that she got in, none of them showed much enthusiasm for the idea, although the mom seemed happy enough. It was only when Nia arrived that Tess found someone as excited by the news as she was.
Tess O'Malley was played by Sky Katz


  • Tess is the only honorary member of the grouping, as she is not related to any of the others. However as a longtime Baxter family friend and neighbor, she has been accepted into the unit.
  • Tess appears in a possible future where the Campers visit 352 Hauser Avenue and are caught in another Sawyer stink bomb.
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