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"Big Stinky" is a minor antagonist in Bunk'd. He has been described as the "nastiest skunk in Moose Rump" by Xander. The infamous forest denizen has terrorized the campers of Camp Kikiwaka on at least three separate occasions.


Season 2[]

Camp Stinky Waka[]

Big Stinky is first mentioned by Xander when he and Griff are searching Jorge's room for a malodorous smell. Two years prior the skunk fumigated the camp with a "black cloud of death."

Season 3[]

Game of Totems[]

Big Stinky is seen behind the bushes when Finn was talking to him, before throwing him at Oscar while attempting to win the game for the campers side, then seen again with Emma before spraying her at the end of the episode.

Season 5[]

Rise of the Machine[]

Big Stinky returns when Lou warns everyone of his return, then he was seen when encounter with Nadine and sprayed Ava instead while saving Noah.




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