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Bob koherr

Bob Koherr is an American TV director and director and known for directing episodes of Anger Management (TV series) and various Disney Network multi-cam comedies.


Bob Koherr is a director and actor, known for several network television shows including Friends with Better Lives (2014), Dads (2013) and iconic shows like The Drew Carey Show (1995) and George Lopez (2002). Bob has been the house director for Good Luck Charlie (2010) and currently for Anger Management (2012). As a pioneer director of the 10/90 format, Bob has blazed the trail for Anger Management to become the first successful 10/90 multi-cam comedy to achieve syndication within a 2 1/2 year run on FX. As an accomplished pilot director, each of the shows where Bob directed the pilot went on to a multi-year successful run by the networks.

As an actor, Koherr has guest starred in number of television series namely, Cybill, Party of Five, Nash Bridges, The Pretender, Malcolm in the Middle, Close to Home, Weeds, Seven Days and the feature films Poor White Trash, Firehouse Dog and Race to Witch Mountain. He also co-starred in the Comedy Central series Strip Mall opposite Julie Brown.

Personal Life[]

On September 23, 2008, he married Walter Batt, a Los Angeles based entertainment attorney. On July 7, 2012 he posted a video slide show of the couple's vow renewal celebrating 10 years of partnership.

Episodes Directed[]

  1. Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka
  2. Camp Rules
  3. The Ones That Got Away
  4. Can You Hear Me Now
  5. Counselors' Night Off
  6. There's No Place Like Camp
  7. Close Encounters of the Camp Kind
  8. Crafted and Shafted
  9. Xander Says Goodbye
  10. Griff is in the House!
  11. Dance in My Pants
  12. Zuri Has a Little Lamb
  13. Treehouse of Terror
  14. Tidal Wave