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Bunk'd: Learning The Ropes (formerly and professionally known as Bunk'd; formerly stylized as BUNK'D) is an American television sitcom. The series was originally a spinoff to the sitcom JESSIE, a TV show that has aired from 2011 to 2015 on Disney Channel the spinoff was announced February 2015 and greenlit with 21 episodes for the the first season the show premiered on July 31, 2015 with the episode Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka, following the premiere Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. The series was filmed at Hollywood Center Studios for the first three seasons and filmed at CBS Studio Center for the last four seasons.

A second season was officially ordered on February 29, 2016, The second season premiered on August 23, 2016 with "Griff is in the House!" and concluded on May 24, 2017 with The Great Escape. There were also 21 episodes ordered for this season. Kevin G. Quinn, Nathan Arenas And Nina Lu leave the series after this season and replaced by Mallory James Mahoney Raphael Alejandro and Will Buie Jr.

A third season was officially ordered on August 31, 2017. The third season premiered on June 18, 2018 "We Can't Bear It!" and concluded September 21, 2018 with "Up, Up and Away". There were 17 episodes ordered for this season but only 16 aired. It was originally commissioned as the final season of the show before the series was renewed for a new season in the end of 2018. Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson leave the series after this season, as they are replaced by Shelby Simmons, Scarlett Estevez and Israel Johnson.

A fourth season was officially ordered on November 15, 2018 with Phil Baker joining as the show runner. Season 4 premiered on June 20, 2019 with "Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!". There were 30 episodes ordered for this season and had a special Raven About Bunk’d on July 24, 2020 with Raven's Home making this episode the final one in the season. This is the only season to feature Scarlett Estevez as a main cast member.

A fifth season was officially ordered on February 24, 2020 with Erin Dunlap replacing Phil Baker as a showrunner. Season 5 premiered on January 15, 2021 with "Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross" and concluded August 6, 2021 with "Frien'ds Forever". 21 episodes were ordered for this season with Trevor Tordjman joining the cast replacing Scarlett Estevez. Estevez did return in the episode Crushin' It.

A sixth season was officially ordered on December 15, 2021, with a new title Bunk'd: Learning the Ropes and Miranda May, David Booth, Valerie Ahearn and Eric Schaar joining as executive producers. Season 6 premiered June 10, 2022, with "Learning the Ropes" and conclude on May 21, 2023, with "Desperate Treasures". Raphael Alejandro, Will Buie Jr. and Shelby Simmons are replaced by Shiloh Verrico, Luke Busey and Alfred Lewis.

A seventh and final season was officially ordered on October 11, 2022. This season makes it the first Disney Channel series ever to have a seventh season, as well as be the longest running Disney series. It premiered on July 23, 2023, with "Cursed Day of Camp". 20 episodes were ordered, but only 12 were produced due to the WGA, and the SAG-AFTRA strike. On December 29, 2023, following the end of the strikes, the series was announced to be ending after seven seasons, with the final 10 episodes premiering in 2024. Production on the season, and series as a whole wrapped on February 8, 2024. The series will conclude on August 2nd, 2024 with the episode Happy Trails.


Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross have left their New York penthouse for a summer at Maine’s rustic Camp Kikiwaka, where their parents met as teenagers. Now CITs (Counselors In Training), they must learn the ropes from the overly cheerful head counselor Lou and the camp heartthrob, Xander. Zuri makes new friends with two younger campers, the uptight Tiffany and compulsive fibber Jorge. The camp’s owner is Gladys and she’s even scarier than the legendary creature that’s rumored to stalk the grounds, and with the help of her sneaky niece Hazel, she’s out to get the Ross kids because of her decades-old rivalry with their mom. In the third season, they bond with new campers Destiny, Finn, and Matteo. Along with their new friends, Emma, Ravi, and Zuri adapt to their new "home away from home" and settle into their exciting new lives at Camp Kikiwaka. (Seasons 1-3)

After purchasing Camp Kikiwaka—for one dollar—from the Ross siblings, the always cheerful Lou is adjusting to her new duties as camp director with her usual brand of over-the-top enthusiasm. She’s thrilled to be reunited with campers Destiny, Finn and Matteo, who have returned for another exciting summer full of fun and friendship. Lou also welcomes some new faces, including camp counselor Noah, an upbeat and enthusiastic actor from Hollywood; Ava, a tenacious counselor from the big city; and Gwen, an eccentric new camper who has spent her entire life living off the grid. Together, they have a summer filled with fun and excitement. In Season 5, they are thrilled to welcome former counselor-turned-fashion-designer Emma Ross, who pays a surprise visit to her old stomping grounds. They also welcome witty and charming Parker Preston, who arrives to stake his 15% claim to the camp and brings his own over-the-top ideas that don’t necessarily mesh with Lou’s, much to her consternation. Meanwhile, Destiny takes on more responsibilities while she pursues her newly discovered passion for protecting the environment. Matteo impresses his fellow campers with his professor-level scientific expertise and Finn continues to charge fearlessly into adventures. Although Ava and Noah have gained confidence in their second year as counselors, Lou soon presents them with a daunting challenge: supervising the new “PeeWeeWaka” day campers, a fast-moving pack of energetic eight-year-olds who always keep them on their toes. (Seasons 4-5)

Lou, Parker, Destiny and Noah arrive at the soon-to-be Kikiwaka Ranch in Dusty Tush, Wyoming, where Lou must convince the surly owner, a.k.a. “The Marshal” to officially sell the property to her. In the meantime, counselors Noah and Destiny have their hands full with the newly arrived campers, including Bill, a no-nonsense descendant of famous cowboy Bill Pickett who prefers roping cattle to hanging out with friends; Winnie, a fearless girl who’s earned the nickname “Wild Winnie” by breaking the rules and occasionally blowing things up; and Jake, a laid-back, easy-going boy who also happens to be a video-gaming fanatic. (Seasons 6-7)



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Season Episodes Original airing (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 21 July 31, 2015 May 20, 2016
2 21 August 23, 2016 May 24, 2017
3 16 June 18, 2018 September 21, 2018
4 30 June 20, 2019 July 24, 2020
5 21 January 15, 2021 August 6, 2021
6 30 June 10, 2022 May 21, 2023
7 22 July 23, 2023 August 2, 2024


  • Miranda May is the only actor to appear in all seven seasons of the show. Kevin G. Quinn, Nina Lu, and Nathan Arenas left the series after the second season. Raphael Alejandro, Will Buie Jr., and Mallory James Mahoney joined the series during the third season. Peyton List, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson left the series after the third season. Israel Johnson, Shelby Simmons, and Scarlett Estevez joined the show during its fourth season. Scarlett Estevez left the show after its fourth season. Trevor Tordjman joined the show during its fifth season. Will Buie Jr., Shelby Simmons and Raphael Alejandro left the show after its fifth season. Shiloh Verrico, Luke Busey, and Alfred Lewis joined the show during its sixth season.
  • Bunk'd has most main cast members of anyF Disney Channel with a total of 17 main cast members across seven seasons.
  • This is the first Disney Channel series as well as Disney series in general to break the four season limit, getting renewed for a fifth, sixth, and seventh season. It is also the first show to have more than one main character leave the show during its run and to have only one main character appear in all seasons of the show.
    • This is also the first Disney Channel original series to have more seasons than its predecessor.
  • There's a crossover special with Raven's Home called "Raven About Bunk'd Part 1" and "Raven About Bunk'd Part 2" in Season 4. This is also the first and only crossover in the series.
  • This is the fourth Disney Channel series, after Hannah Montana: Forever, JONAS L.A. and Liv and Maddie: Cali Style to have another title.
  • Jessie is the only character to not appear or be mentioned in Bunk’d.


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