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This wiki has a set of general policies that must be followed all around the Bunk'd Wiki for all the users.

General Policies

  1. Cursing, vulgar and/or bad language is NOT allowed anywhere on this site.
  2. Do not insult other users or hurt their feelings by calling them names, making fun of or imitating them.
  3. Do not be mean or rude to others.
  4. Removing content and/or adding false and unnecessary information on pages will not be accepted.
  5. Do not remove content from pages and replace it with something irrelevant.
  6. Do not give out your personal information, this includes your full name, address, e-mail, phone number and school.
  7. Unnecessary edits are not allowed. Unnecessary edits are: removing content from pages, adding false information, adding unnecessary categories, changing pictures of infoboxes, removing punctuation signs and adding them again.
  8. Do not add bad or inappropriate pictures and/or videos on the wiki.
  9. Do not create unnecessary or irrelevant pages.
  10. Do not rename pages on something completely useless.
  11. Do not spam others' message walls, spamming is not allowed.
  12. Do not harsh/troll other users on the wiki.
  13. Do not post mean comments on pages.
  14. If you want to rename a page, please see an admin first, unless you know it should be renamed or if has something to do with vandalism.
  15. Do not start wars or fights, this will not be tolerated and you can get blocked.
  16. Do not post inappropriate content on this wiki, this includes: comments, blog posts, messages, threads, pages and user pages.
  17. Do not post something that could be irrelevant to the wiki.
  18. Do not edit other users' pages without their permission.
  19. You are allowed to use up to 2 accounts: one main account, and one spare; if you do have a spare account, it's recommended to use it as a bot.
  20. Not reading these policies is not a good excuse, all users must read and follow them.

We expect you to follow these rules, if not, we will have to take some severe actions. In case you have any questions or need some help with these policies, feel free to contact an Admin.