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"Bunkhouse of Horror" is the ninth episode in Season 6 of Bunk'd: Learning the Ropes and one-hundred and eighteenth episode overall. It premiered on September 25, 2022, to 0.17 million viewers.


A mysterious handyman tells the camp three spooky stories set on the ranch involving a cursed bracelet, a possessed scarecrow, and a magic wishing well.


The episode begins with Lou being called to the mess hall by her friends, who have complaints about things that need fixing around the camp. Parker and Bill say that the plumbing in Coyote Cabin is clogged, and they can't use the outhouse since the scorpions took over; Destiny and Jake say that they can't get any water from the old well; Lou then gives a stern look to Noah and Winnie, who decide to not say anything. Lou soon leaves to take care of the barn and, a few seconds later, an elderly man named Gus Hootenheimer enters, claiming to be the repairman Lou supposedly hired. He says that he also holds a weekend gold-diggers club (which Winnie is secretly a part of).

In Coyote Cabin, Gus pulled out a lump of hair that was clogging the plumbing, much to the disgust of Parker and Bill. Even more to their grossness, Gus pulls out a bracelet that was stuck inside of it. He says that he recognizes it and proceeds to tell Parker and Bill, against their will, a supposedly scary story.

The story takes place in 1884, where Calamity Lou, Parker Earp, and The Other Buffalo Bill went into town to get supplies. While Calamity Lou and The Other Buffalo Bill went to the Slop Emporium, they sent Parker Earp to the general store to get a new invention: toilet paper. As soon as Bill and Lou leave, though, a man who resembled Gus showed Parker the bracelet and manipulated him into trading his last three bits for it. As soon as Parker puts on the bracelet, the man disappears. Later on, at camp, Calamity Lou tells The Other Buffalo Bill and Parker Earp in despair that someone ate all the chickens at the barn and left their beaks lying on the ground. Bill accuses Parker of doing it as evidenced by the feathers on his hand, despite his claims that he was sleeping in his cabin the previous night.

Come the next night, the bracelet, having taken over Parker's hand, kidnaps Bill. The next morning, Parker tells Lou that Bill is missing. They find him tied up in the barn, where Bill says that Parker was the culprit. As Parker tries to proclaim innocence, the bracelet takes over again and tries to kill everyone, including Parker. Bill wrestles Parker's hand down and Lou proceeds to chop it off with an axe, despite Bill and Parker's statements that scissors could have been used to cut off the bracelet.

The story is finished, and Gus plops the hair ball into present-day Parker's hand before leaving, much more to the disgust of him and present-day Bill.

Later, Destiny and Jake show Gus the old well that needs fixing and Destiny wants to use the water to plant an organic vegetable garden. Gus says that the well is bricked halfway down and supposedly remembers why. He then proceeds to tells Destiny and Jake a story of why this supposedly happened, also against their will.

The next story also takes place in 1884, where Parker Earp, Calamity Lou, Wild Jake Hickok, and Destiny Holiday were in downtown Dusty Tush when a peddler, who ironically also resembled Gus, gives them four magical coins that, when thrown down a well, a wish can be made, and it will come true. Back at the ranch, Jake uses a magical coin to wish for a bowl of beans, and no later than a second a bowl of beans appears on a nearby picnic table. Destiny trades her handkerchief for the other three magical coins before the peddler leaves, having successfully swindled a group of kids.

Parker uses his wish to get more responsibility around the camp, but as soon as he makes it, Lou disappears, and her coin drops to the ground. Destiny realizes that if you are not specific about what you wish for, horrible unforeseen things can happen; since Parker wished for more responsibility, Lou is gone, making him head of camp. Parker asks one of the others to use their wish to bring Lou back, but they're reluctant. As Parker leaves in a huff, Destiny and Jake decide to plan out their wishes in advance so that the well doesn't misinterpret what they want. Destiny comes up with her wish, but when she drops her coin down the well, she accidentally wishes for gross bugs to be everywhere. Soon, the fields are full of bugs, forcing the campers to flee. Destiny tells Jake to use his last wish to undo hers. Jake wishes to be sent back to before this all happened, but he ends up being sent back to the time of the dinosaurs.

The second story is finished, and present-day Jake and Destiny say that it's not even the well's fault, it was the peddlers. Gus then leaves, but he recognizes a burlap sack Noah and Winnie are carrying. He then proceeds to give another story, again against the will of Noah and Winnie.

The third story yet again takes place in 1884, where Noah Love and Winnie the Kid built a scarecrow to keep the crows away from their crops. They decide to go downtown to buy a hat for it. When they purchase one, Noah accidentally bumps into an apothecary, who also resembled Gus, and he spills his evil essence on it. As the apothecary leaves, cackling, Noah and Winnie go back to the ranch and put the hat on the scarecrow. Come the next morning, as Calamity Lou is serving laundry water (passing it off as stew), Noah comes out of his cabin and says that someone stole all his clothes and replaced it with hay.

Lou discovers that her laundry water has also been replaced with hay. That's when Winnie points out that the expression on the scarecrow's face has changed. As Lou leaves, Winnie and Noah discover that their scarecrow has come to life and is evil. It chases them to the barn. Winnie throws horseshoes at the scarecrow, but he is still standing. Remembering the apothecary's evil spirit, Noah tells Winnie to use her final horseshoe to knock the hat off the scarecrow. The scarecrow then collapses. As Noah and Winnie high-five in celebration (supposedly inventing it), the goat puts on the hat and becomes possessed by it, causing the duo to scream in terror.

As the third story finishes, present-day Noah and Winnie are annoyed that Gus did not actually fix anything and simply told a bunch of stories. They then shoo him away before he begins telling a fourth story.

Later that night, Lou returns and apologizes for not fixing everyone's problems. When Destiny and Noah bring up Gus, Lou says she never hired a handyman and that the only Gus Hootenheimer died over a century ago. When everyone realizes that the man who was speaking to them may not have been real, they scream and run out of the mess hall. The episode ends a zoom in at the picture of Gus Hootenheimer, whose eyes begin glowing red.


Guest Cast[]

  • Steve Bannos as Gus


  • The title is derived from Treehouse of Horror, the Halloween-themed episode specials from The Simpsons, which are also typically split up into three stories.
  • This episode is similar to the episode from JESSIE "The Whining"
  • This is the first episode of Season 6 to air on a Sunday and not Friday.
  • This episode premiered right after the Disney Channel Original Movie, Under Wraps 2.
  • The Campers' 1884 characters were named after actual historical figures of the Old American West:
    • Calamity Lou - Calamity Jane
    • Destiny Holiday - Doc Holliday
    • Noah Love - Nat Love
    • Winnie the Kid - Billy the Kid
    • Wild Jake Hickok - Wild Bill Hickok
    • Other Buffalo Bill - Buffalo Bill Cody
    • Parker Earp - Wyatt Earp


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