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Champion Mushroom Cloud

Camp Champion Mushroom Cloud

'Camp Champion is Camp Kikiwaka's rival camp. It is located across the lake of Camp Kikiwaka. As of Season 4, the camp is run by Barb Barca.


Season 1[]

Luke's Back[]

In "Luke's Back", Eric and his minions meet the campers from Camp Kikiwaka when they were talking a walk at The Spot. Ravi insists that he is tired of sharing the spot, and challenges, Eric, one of their strongest campers, to a challenge. Later, after tricking Eric, Camp Kikiwaka won the Spot, and Camp Champion is no longer allowed in.

Season 2[]

Tidal Wave[]

Lou and Ravi tried to make Griff feel better by making up a pen pal, "Erin", from Camp Champion for him.

Season 3[]

It's a Blast![]

The rocket pack invented by Matteo accidentally flew across the lake and exploded. It is not known how much damage the impact caused the premises, but a mushroom cloud was visible from across the lake.

Season 4[]

Sore Lou-ser[]

Barb and other campers come to Camp Kikiwaka to face off in the Sportsmanship Games.

Cramped Champions[]

After Camp Champion is flooded, Lou allows Barb and all her campers to spend a week at Camp Kikiwaka.

A Tale of Two Stackers[]

It is revealed that Jedediah Swearengen, the founder of Camp Kikiwaka, is the one who found Camp Champion. After making several bad choices for the camp, he began to regret ever starting it in the first place, and deemed the place a failure. Because of this, he faked his death, changed his last name to Champion, and started Camp Champion down the lake.

Raven About Bunk'd[]

Originally, Tess was supposed to sign up for Camp Champion, but she changed her mind after they sent her on a snipe hunt, a classic camp prank. She also wanted nothing to do with them after she found out they planned on turning Camp Kikiwaka into a garbage dump should Camp Kikiwaka not get any sign-ups for next year. To get back at them, Ava, Finn and Tess planned on stink bombing them, but the plan backfired when Finn changed his mind and accidentally dropped the stink bomb in the mine shaft connecting the two camps together. Ultimately, Camp Champion didn't get their chance to turn their rival into a dump as they managed to get enough sign-ups for next year.


  • It is mentioned to be a sports camp.
  • Their motto is “win or sleep in the lake.”
  • It is revealed that the camp was found by Jedediah Swearengen, who allegedly left Camp Kikiwaka after he began to regret founding it and changed his name to Jedediah Champion.