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Chef Jeff was a recurring character in Season 4 of Bunk'd. He is the cook Lou hired to replace Ravi.

He was portrayed by Garrett Holden Bales.


Jeff studied the culinary arts for 8 years at a cooking school.
He also has some aerobics training, as he's seen teaching a steppe class.

Annoyed by the fact the campers preferred the Snow Cups to his cooking, he stole the Snow Cup cart, sneaked it away from camp and destroyed it.
Unfortunately for him, Gwen and Mateo discovered he'd smashed it and he got in trouble with Lou for doing so, having to give up a valuable jewelry item into order to pay for the replacement cart. But, he just closed the minibox so he didn't have to give it up.



  • Jeff's ex-girlfriend, Margo was known to wear a bell.
  • He is known for the dish, "Mound of Brown."
  • Lou had an emergency breakfast plan if Emma ever returned to Kikiwaka codenamed "Blonde Emma's here" which was enacted in Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross.
  • Garrett Bales has also appeared as the "Spacey Waiter" in the "Would You Wrather Take a Worm Shower," episode of Coop and Cami: Ask the World.


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