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Christina Evangelina Ross is the mother to The Ross Family kids on the show, "Jessie", known as Emma, Luke, Zuri, and Ravi. She and her husband are similar to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt since they have adopted children of different ethnicity. She was a supermodel (Emma says that she is an ex-supermodel) and married to the movie director, Morgan Ross. She favors Zuri. She is a former counselor at Camp Kikiwaka.
She was played by Christina Moore.


She's like all mothers: wise, loving, and strict. She often gets annoyed at Jessie when she shows negativity, and makes fun of her. She has made a fortune trusting her instincts, as well as putting her name on everything.

Physical Appearance[]

Christina has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She shares many of the same features with her biological daughter, Emma.



EmmaLuke, Ravi and Zuri[]

Children Christina has four children, each of which she has a different relationship with. She cares about Luke a lot and wants him to learn about his real parents but she is more compassionate towards Ravi. Emma just wants to make her mother proud whereas Zuri likes joking with her and believes that she's her favorite. Although they don't see each other a lot, they appear to be close and have good relationships.

Christina and Morgan

Morgan Ross[]

Spouse Morgan is Christina's husband. They met at Camp and hated each other at first, but fell in love at The Spot. They are both big-time movie producers and have had one biological daughter and three adoptive children. The date they met and got married is unknown.


  • She met Morgan at Camp Kikiwaka.
  • She won Morgan's heart against her "rival", Gladys. Gladys is the new proprietor of Camp Kikiwaka.
  • Her middle name is similar to Emma's by how her's is Evangelina and how Emma's is Evangeline.
  • Christina Ross never interacted with Xander McCormrick.
  • Destiny mentioned her in the 100th episode.