Oh, that little vixen knew what she was doing. Okay, I hear it now.

"Dance in My Pants" (also known as "Hey Jealousy") is the second episode in Season 2 of Bunk'd. It aired on August 24, 2016. This episode scored 1.19 million viewers.


Camp Kikiwaka hosts its annual dance which has Tiffany and Zuri hopeful that they’ll dance with a cute boy. Emma learns that Lou and Xander have a history.


The episode starts with Ravi thanking Xander and Lou for putting him and Emma in charge of the summer dance. Emma then says that they pawned on them just because they didn't want to do it, and Xander agrees. He then jokingly says that he is going to give Emma the honor of cleaning up the mess hall bathroom. Lou then recalls her first camp dance with Xander. He picked her up at her cabin and gave her a corsage made of wildflowers, but it was later revealed to be poison ask. He thought she was blushing, but it turned out to be hives from the poison. Emma then asks if they have dated before, and why they never told her. Lou says that they were only nine, and it didn't mean anything. Emma then jokingly says that he'll be going on a date with Hazel next, and Xander says no way. Lou then recalls the day she knocked him over the head, threw him in a sack, and made him go canoeing. Xander then says it was more like a felony than a date.

In the mess hall later, Jorge was on cafeteria duty. Griff walks by, and Jorge compliments his beanie. Griff says that his bunkmate in juvie "gave" him the beanie. Zuri and Tiffany stand in the corner and observe Griff as he leaves. Tiffany says there's something "so deliciously forbidden about a boy with a checkered past." Jorge drops the food on the floor, as Tiffany and Zuri approach. Tiffany then remarks that Griff has cool hair and Zuri adds on that he looks cute in the hat. They both want to dance with Griff tomorrow night. Jorge, mistakenly thinking that they were talking about him, gets excited.

Outside, Ravi came up with a DJ name for himself: "Rockin' Ravi Ross, the Record Rhombus." Emma then asks a rhombus is, and Ravi replies that it's an awkward square, which Emma thinks is a perfect name for him. On the other side, Xander and Lou are putting up decorations. Lou tickles Xander, who is ticklish, which explains why the Grizzly cabin always loses at touch football. Emma then explains her dream about Lou and Xander being a couple. Ravi, bluntly says that being best friends and having a lot in common is the best foundation for a relationship. Emma then asks Ravi if Xander and her had a lot in common, which they don't. Xander then brushes off the glitter on Lou's cheek, which made Emma suspicious. Ravi then says that he focuses on work while Emma only focuses on herself, which he calls "par for the course."

In the Grizzly cabin, Lou invites Xander to prepare for CPR class, since Ravi and Emma have the dance covered. Xander then finds the practice dummy in the piece, as chewed off by Mrs. Kipling. He then suggests that they should just practice on each other, and tells Lou to be in distress. Lou then, dramatically, pretends that she is drowning by frantically waving her arms. She layed down on the floor while Xander recalls the procedure. First, he checked for obstruction of the airway and quickly notices that Lou had fish sticks for lunch. He then tilted her head back, pinched her nostrils closed, and exhale into her mouth. That didn't last long, as Emma came into the Grizzly cabin and made them both jump. She then demands to know what they are doing, and Lou recalls the last thing she remembers is Xander putting his fingers into her mouth. She storms out of the cabin with Lou and Xander following after her. Lou explains that she was just subbing in for the dummy, as Kipling ate the doll. Xander guarantees her that nothing weird is going on between them. Emma, still suspicious, asks about when Xander touched Lou's cheek earlier. Lou then grabs Xander's hand, which made Emma even more jealous. Xander questions Emma on why she is being jealous again when he recalled the grape incident. Xander then leaves the room and Tiffany enters, asking them if they want to make friendship bracelets. Seeing them mad, she suggests anger anklets, then leaves.

In the Grizzly cabin, still thinking that Zuri and Tiffany want to dance with him, tells the news to Griff. Griff then jokingly says that they want him to leave them alone. Jorge says that he overheard them about who gets to dance with him at the dance and say that they both want a hunk of Jorge. Griff, still not fully convinced, presses a smile and asks if he will finally take a shower. Jorge says no, saying that it's working.

Outside, Emma can't believe that Lou and Xander are mad at her and asks Ravi if she really has a jealousy problem. Ravi recalls the time that she went into a rage over that girl from Salmon Cabin. Emma claims that his hands were all over her, but in reality, she was only six and Xander was giving her a piggyback ride. Emma says that the "little vixen" knew what she was doing. Saying it out loud, she admits that she has a jealousy problem.

While Griff is playing football, Tiffany and Zuri watch over him. Zuri claims that he could make gutting a fish look good, and Tiffany says that she's going to look really good on his arm at the dance. Zuri says that Tiffany doesn't have a chance, and she has been smooth talking boys since she was in diapers. Griff comes over and the two giggle uncontrollably. Griff says that he heard that they had been fighting over who gets to dance with a "special someone" at the dance. Tiffany tries to charm him but ends up driving him away with a science joke.

In the Grizzly cabin, Emma knocks on the door while Xander is cleaning up. She wants to talk about something important, while Xander does too. She sits down and asks his opinion about which pair of shoes that she should wear: one that matches what Xander will be wearing, or the super expensive ones, which will make the other campers jealous. Xander can't believe that she came here to talk about shoes, and not how she blew up at him and Lou. Emma then explains the situation stresses her out, and stress causes pimples, which she wouldn't like. She decides to put it behind them, but Xander wants to talk about it. He can't believe that she accused him of cheating on her with their best friend and her jealousy issue is taking over. Xander says that she can wear whatever she wants to the dance since he's no longer going with her.


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  • The original title was, "Hey Jealousy".
  • Xander and Emma kissed in the episode.
  • This is Peyton List's favorite episode.
  • This is the first episode to air on a Wednesday.
  • During the dance, Jorge has coincidentally the same outfit as Luke on the pilot of Jessie. To add, they are both great dancers.
  • It was revealed that Xander and Lou have a history.
  • It was also revealed that Emma can easily get jealous when a girl just simply looks at her boyfriend.
  • It was revealed that Zuri and Tiffany both have crushes on Griff
  • The original title of the episode, "Hey Jealousy", was a reference to the Gin Blossoms song of the same name.
  • Hazel is mentioned in this episode.


  • Xander and Lou said that they went to the dance when they were 9, but in Live From Camp Kikiwaka, they said that they met when they were 10. And in Luke Out Below, they said they met when they were 8.


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International Premieres

  • September 9, 2016 (Canada)
  • September 30, 2016 (UK & Ireland)
  • December 4, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • February 13, 2017 (Israel)


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