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Destiny Showstopper Baker[1] is one of the main characters in seasons 3-7 of Bunk'd. Destiny is a nice young girl who has spent her childhood on the pageant circuit and is accustomed to getting things her way. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida.
She is portrayed by Mallory James Mahoney.


Destiny is a young girl who has spent her childhood on the pageant circuit and is accustomed to getting things her way. She can be very vain and self-centered, although she also displays a more caring and thoughtful side. Destiny is intensely competitive and is a perfectionist. If you are her enemy, she will be rude and try making things bad for you, but if you are nice, she will care for you.

She is very caring towards those she knows, and at times to those she doesn't. She is quick to accept anyone who feels the least bit alone.

Physical Appearance[]

Destiny is a young girl with brown eyes and curly blonde hair. She is tall for her age, being taller than Finn and Matteo. She is often seen with jewelry in her hair and usually wears a necklace. She sometimes dresses femininely, with a skirt or a dress, but she wears casual clothes as well, such as t-shirts.



Matteo Silva[]

Matteo and Destiny are good friends, as they bond over their difficult social lives and their lack of outdoors experience. Destiny gives Matteo the confidence he needs to play sports and to face his fears.

Finn Sawyer[]

Finn is another of Destiny's friends. Like Matteo, she often finds herself disgusted by Finn farting, but she cares for him as well. Destiny helps Finn get over his fear of public speaking and reassures him after Finn becomes nervous about moving away.

Finn and Destiny both help one another out multiple times, and they seem to trust one another with deep things. They both embark alone on some adventures together, and always are open about secrets. Finn and Destiny care deeply about each other and will always help each other out.

Ravi Ross[]

They don't have much in common with each other.

Emma Ross[]

Emma is Destiny's counselor at Woodchuck Cabin. The two have a lot in common, including their love of fashion, beauty, and yoga. Destiny even says that Emma is like the older sister she always wished she had. Zuri once got jealous of her due to Emma spending a lot of time with her.

They are alike in many ways such as having blonde hair, a girly fashion sense, and being tall for their age.

Gwen Flores[]

Gwen is Destiny's best friend, they are kind of like sisters, but they are different. Destiny is girly and Gwen is a tomboy, but they both love each other.

Zuri Ross[]

Zuri and Destiny appear to have an antagonistic relationship, with the former getting annoyed by Destiny's closeness to Emma and her glamorous style. But later on, they become friends and interact more.

Winnie Weber[]

Destiny and Winnie are different from each other; Winnie is tomboyish and is into edgy styles and likes getting her hands dirty, while Destiny is girly and more graceful and competes in beauty pageants; but they are good friends, and they also share a cabin. In The Song Remains a Pain, they play a song together.


I always tap dance before bed!
—-Destiny in We Can't Bear It!


Appearances: 109/161

Season 3[]

  1. We Can't Bear It!
  2. Let's Bounce!
  3. Take the Cake
  4. O Sister, Where Art Thou?
  5. Cav'd In
  6. By All Memes
  7. A Whole Lotta Lobsta
  8. No Bones About It
  9. Finder’s Keepers, Lou’s a Weeper
  10. Reversal of Fortune
  11. Game of Totems
  12. Toilets and Tiaras
  13. Bungle in the Jungle
  14. Gruel and Unusual Punishment
  15. It's a Blast!
  16. Up, Up and Away

Season 4[]

  1. Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!
  2. Kikiwaka's Got Talent
  3. Yes, Lies and Tower Escape
  4. An Udder Disaster
  5. Hot Spring Friend Machine
  6. Water Under the Dock
  7. In Your Wildest Screams
  8. Inn Trouble
  9. Lake Rancid
  10. Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
  11. Mo-Squito Mo Problems
  12. Sore Lou-ser
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Serfs Up-rising
  15. Summer Winter Wonderland
  16. Cramped Champions
  17. A Tale of Two Stackers
  18. Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat
  19. Snow Cups and Fisticuffs
  20. The S'more, The S'merrier
  21. Lava at First Sight
  22. Town and Clown Relations
  23. Whisper Toots
  24. My Fairy Lady
  25. Party Pooper
  26. Squatters' Fights
  27. Three Stars and a Baby
  28. Manic Moose Day
  29. Breaking Barb
  30. Raven About Bunk’d

Season 5[]

  1. Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross
  2. Rise of the Machine
  3. R.V. Having Fun Yet?
  4. Tentacle Difficulties
  5. Luck of the Chuck
  6. Look Who's Squawking
  7. Raucous Science
  8. Baton-man Begins
  9. Everyone's Trap'd
  10. Pop Pop Poppin' In
  11. Roll Models
  12. Gi Whiz
  13. Dancin' Up a Storm
  14. Out of the Doghouse
  15. The Great Awkward Bake-Off
  16. I Won't Let You Clown
  17. Crushin' It
  18. Camp Creepy-Waka
  19. A Star is Torn
  20. Moose Queens and Possum Kings
  21. Frien'ds Forever

Season 6[]

  1. Learning the Ropes
  2. Never a Dull Moo-ment
  3. Worst Aid
  4. Wrecks Marks the Spot
  5. The Truth Will Sweat You Free
  6. Where the Buffalo Betties Roam
  7. A Recipe for Disaster
  8. Back in the Saddle
  9. Bunkhouse of Horror
  10. Hauntin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  11. Hope You Geyser Ready to Go!
  12. The Song Remains a Pain
  13. Art Imitates Life
  14. Wild West Side Story
  15. The Wrath of Con
  16. Finn It to Win It
  17. Alpaca-lypse Now
  18. The Wicked Switch of the West
  19. No Pain, No Grain
  20. Shoe Drops and Chili Plops
  21. Pickett Fencing
  22. Model Citizen
  23. Camp Fails and Beaver Tails
  24. Tap'd Out
  25. Badminton to the Bone
  26. For Letter or Worse
  27. Butter You Doing Here?
  28. Writer's Locked
  29. Most Wanted
  30. Desperate Treasures

Season 7[]

  1. Cursed Day of Camp (701)
  2. Workaversary Girl (702)
  3. Meat Cute (703)
  4. An Arrow Victory (704)
  5. Hot Couture (705)
  6. What About Barb? (706)
  7. Wastin' Away Again in Barb-aritaville (707)
  8. Don't Hate the Mayor, Hate the Game (708)
  9. Coop D'etat (709)
  10. Me, Myself, and A.I. (710)
  11. The Glitching Hour (711)
  12. Friends in Snow Places (712)


  • During the character's development, she was originally going to be named Anastasia.
  • She had a toy horse called Prancy but decided to let Prancy go in Cav'd In.
  • Destiny is from Tallahassee, Florida.
  • The age is inconsistent because It is revealed in season 6 that she is 16 years old however in season 3 Zuri said that Destiny is 10 years old.
  • She had a very successful pageantry career (losing only once) before attending camp.
  • Destiny has some similarities to Emma since they both have blonde hair and similar tastes in fashion.
  • A lot of the shirts she wears are from the Cat & Jack line at Target.
  • She is one of five main characters who know the Kikiwaka is real, along with Ravi, Tiffany, Finn and Matteo.
  • Destiny's dad had her middle name legally changed from "Captain Cutie Curls" to "Showstopper," when she was four.
  • Her mom often sends her affectionate letters, which Destiny has grown rather tired of.
  • In Sore Lou-ser, she tells Cynthia she has a boyfriend at camp which was fake, but Cynthia thought that her boyfriend was Finn.
  • Her grandfather passed away before season 4.
  • It’s revealed in Town and Clown Relations that Destiny comes from a long line of clowns through her father and her grandmother. According to her, she stated that when she first did her clown performance no one laughed. This caused her to do pageant performances instead, going from ”giggles to glamour“, and never looked back.
  • She and Parker open the Dusty Diner in Dusty Tush, a vegetarian BBQ restaurant.
  • She is in every episode since We Can't Bear It!
  • She became a camp counselor in the Season 5 finale, Frien'ds Forever.
  • With Destiny included in season 7, Destiny is now the second longest running main character with five seasons as a series regular, she is absent in the first two seasons. The first is Lou, who appeared in every season since the beginning.


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