Emma Ross is a 19-year old teen who has a great sense of fashion.


She has long, blonde wavy hair along with brown eyes. She has pale, creamy skin and is unusually tall for her age. She likes girly clothes, and is known for her obsession with fashion. She occasionally has an outstanding fashion sense and curls her hair and it is quite frequent as of season 4 of JESSIE. She normally wears her hair down, but sometimes also wears it up. Her regular choices of shoes are usually flats but sometimes can be seen wearing heels. She wears glasses in some episodes, suggesting she may be wearing contacts most of the time.

Peyton R. List, a real life fashionista, mentioned in an interview that Emma's original wardrobe prior to her being hired was cute but somewhat normal compared to Peyton herself. As a result the wardrobe people used Peyton's own style to help make Emma more of a true fashionista. They sometimes collaborate Peyton's clothes with the wardrobe choices for Emma to create even more outfits.


For the first episode, Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka, Emma has two different hairstyles. At the beginning of the episode, upon entering the camp, her hair was wavy. By the end of the episode, her hair is straight tied in a ponytail. Her hair remains the same for Gone Girl. In Camp Rules, Emma's curly hair is tied in a bun for the entire episode. In Smells Like Camp Spirit, Emma's has three different hairstyles. At the beginning of the episode it was curly. By the middle of the episode, it was straight in a ponytail. After she got clean from the smoothie incident, it was curly with half up-do with a braid. By the end of the end of the episode, it was half up with curly hair.


In BUNK'D, her style is usually casual, instead of it being fancy in New York. She often wears tank tops and her Camp Kikiwaka shirt.