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Griff is in the House![]

I can't wait to see my friends at camp! I got presents for all of them!
And I'm still waiting for a thank you card. And for you to take my bag downstairs.
Good thing I decided not to pack that puppy for Lou.
I'm so happy to see you! You look great!
But, Hazel, you love Weasel Cabin! You've always been a Weasel!
And that's coming from her!
Hazel, can we please unstack our beds?
Ow! On the bright side, if she pokes my eye out, I won't have to watch this anymore.
OMG, they're eating the bones!
Lou, what is wrong with those girls?
I hope a bullet comes out of that camera.
Okay, it's bad enough they shot arrows at you, and turned you into coyote bait, but when they humiliate you with poorly applied makeup, that's where I draw the line!
I know, but that cheese is not low fat.
Hazel, there's a rat in our cabin!
Wait, don't cook that camper!
Oh! It's so great to have everything back to normal.
Well, as normal as it gets around here.
Sorry, Hazel, but you're back in Weasel Cabin. Effective immediately.
Woodchuck salute?

Dance in My Pants[]

Ravi, they just pawned it off on us because they didn't want to do it.
You guys went on a date? You never told me that.
Next thing you'll tell me you went on a date with Hazel.
What's a rhombus?
Well, then that's perfect for you.
You know? I had the most bizarre dream last night that Xander and Lou were a couple. Crazy, right?
But don't you think Xander and I have a lot in common?
Jealous? When have I ever been jealous?
Can you blame me? You came up behind her and hugged her.
Still, I saw the way she was looking at Xander.
Well, excuse me for making a mistake.
So- which pair of shoes should I wear to the dance? These will match what you'll be wearing, but these are super expensive, and will make all the other girls super sad they're not wearing them. Which is what good shoes are supposed to do.
Not really. It stresses me out. And stress gives me pimples. And I'm not going to the dance with pimples, duh. So, let's just put it behind us.
Well, now I'm going to be as sad as the girls not wearing my shoes.
Life is an empty void of infinite nothingness.
OMG, look at the two of them. Now they really are into each other.
That I'm a jealous person. And I don't want to be that way anymore. It's caused me to ruin the two most important relationships in my life.
Well, usually a total body seaweed wrap does the trick, but there isn't a decent spa for miles.
You're right, Ravi. And I'm sorry for pouring cocktail sauce on you.
I don't know. Maybe you better answer it again.