Emma and Lou is the friendship pairing between Emma Ross and Lou Hockhauser. They are both part of the staff in Camp Kikiwaka, with Lou being a counselor and Emma being a CIT. They are portrayed by Peyton List and Miranda May.

Fan Names

  • Emmu (Emm/a and Lo/u)
  • Emmlou (Emm/a and Lou)
  • Lomma (Lo/u and E/mma)
  • Lemma (L/ou and Emma)


Season 1

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka

  • They are talking to each other in their cabin.
  • They sat next to each other during the campfire scene.
  • Lou was there when Emma fell in the pool of mud.
  • They are seen listening to Hazel and Xander's conversation.
  • They stood next to each other.
  • Lou put her arm around Emma and Emma leaned into her.
  • Lou told Emma about her last CIT, Tammy, and how Emma was way better than Tammy.
  • Lou told Emma the "text on paper" was called a note.
  • Lou told everyone that Emma was her "bunk buddy".
  • Lou was very supportive of Emma through the entire episode.
  • They were on the same branch on the tree.
  • Lou followed Emma's plan.

Gone Girl

  • Lou comforted Emma about Xander not asking her out yet.
  • Lou tells Emma like boys are like hot dogs: they are delicious, but wondering what's inside will make you puke.
  • Lou was there when Xander asked Emma out on her date.
  • Lou tried to stop Ravi from ruining Emma and Xander's date but fell in the hole instead.

Camp Rules

  • Lou had the stack of clothes on her head that Emma threw outside.
  • Lou suggested Emma try her famous canoe therapy.
  • Emma saves Lou and Xander from the water.

Friending with the Enemy

  • They both try to be friends with Hazel.
  • They both complain about how hot the day was.

Season 2

Tidal Wave

  • Emma and Lou both hugged in the music video.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both female.
  • They are assumed to be the same age.
  • They are both a part of Camp Kikiwaka.
  • They share the same cabin (Woodchuck).
  • They both have hazel eyes.
  • They are both considered tall.
  • They both dislike Hazel.
  • As of the episode, We Didn't Start the Fire, both are counselors.


  • Emma has blonde hair; Lou has black hair.
  • Emma's a city girl; Lou's a country one.
  • Emma's in a relationship with Xander: Lou is just Xander's best friend.



The image gallery for Emma and Lou may be viewed here.


  • Their actresses, Peyton List and Miranda May share the same birthday, April 6, but Miranda is two years older.
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