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Emma and Ravi was the sibling pairing of Emma Ross and Ravi Ross. First depicted during Jessie, they got along well, but occasionally fought. Their bond got stronger during their summers at Camp Kikiwaka.
They were portrayed by Peyton List and Karan Brar.


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • Ravi is angry to Hazel because she put Emma (and Zuri) in danger.
  • Emma can translate what Ravi says in Hindi when he screams; not because she can understand the language, but because she knows Ravi tends to speak Hindi when panicking and it's easy for her to imagine what he's saying.

Gone Girl[]

  • Ravi is worried that Xander might hurt Emma.
  • Ravi apologizes for ruining Emma and Xander's date.

Camp Rules[]

  • Emma reveals some of Ravi's nicknames that make fun of him.

Love is for the Birds[]

  • Emma is happy when Sasha flirts with Ravi, and wishes to help him and give him advice to get him on a date.
  • Emma gets worried when Ravi is willing to get hurt in order not to give up on his new girlfriend.
  • Emma helps Ravi drink while his arms are in plaster/bandaged.
  • Emma tells Ravi she's proud of him.
  • Emma and Ravi glance at each other and silently agree on not to tell Jorge what a proctologist's job.

Live From Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • Emma comments to Ravi (and Zuri) about their father's questionable appearance as a young man.
  • Ravi thinks Emma (and Xander)'s vocabulary is ridiculous.
  • When a podcast commentator asks for Emma's number, Ravi doesn't seem glad and points out that she is his sister.
  • Emma snatches the tablet from Ravi's hands without any difficulty.
  • Emma watches kitten videos with Ravi instead of dancing.

Season 2[]

Dance in My Pants[]

  • Ravi checks on Emma, asks her how she feels and gives her advice about her jealousy throughout the whole episode.
  • Ravi points out to Emma that him having to do all the job by himself, despite she is supposed to help him, is not an unusual situation at all.
  • Emma dumps sauce on Ravi's head. She later apologizes.
  • Ravi smiles when Emma kisses Xander.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both tend to freak out during a bad situation, either by screaming, yelling, or panicking.
  • Both have very similar noses.
  • Both seem to be scared of ghosts.
  • The probability of them taking high risks are extremely low.
  • Both seem to spend time with Mrs. Kipling the most.
  • Both tend to be very critical at times.
  • Both are often taunted by their siblings, Luke and Zuri.
  • Ravi and Emma are noticeably less mischievous than Luke and Zuri.
  • They both used to listen the most to their nanny, Jessie Prescott.
  • Both know the Morse code.


  • Emma is a girl; Ravi's a boy.
  • Emma is American descent; Ravi is Indian descent.
  • Emma has blonde hair; Ravi has brown hair.
  • Emma has light skin; Ravi has slightly dark skin.
  • Emma is not as smart as Ravi.
  • Emma is the biological daughter of Morgan and Christina Ross; Ravi is adopted.


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