Emma and Ravi is the platonic brother-sister pairing of Emma Ross and Ravi Ross. It seems like they get along mostly well, but fight occasionally.


Season 1


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Similarities and Differences


  • Both have very reasonable concerns (Emma-Fashion; Ravi-Mrs. Kipling).
  • Both tend to freak out during a bad situation; either screaming, yelling, or panicking.
  • Both have very similar noses.
  • Both seem to be scared of ghosts.
  • The probability of them taking high risks are extremely low (under 20%).
  • Both seem to spend time with Mrs. Kipling the most.
  • Both tend to be very critical at times.
  • Both are often taunted by their younger siblings (Emma-->Luke; Ravi-->Zuri), or they taunt them (Luke-->Emma; Zuri-->Ravi).
  • Ravi and Emma are noticeably less mischievous than Luke and Zuri.
  • They both listen to their nanny, Jessie Prescott.
  • Both know the Morse Code.


  • Emma is an girl; Ravi's a boy.
  • Emma is American descent; Ravi is Indian descent.
  • Emma has blonde hair; Ravi has brown hair.
  • Emma has light skin; Ravi has slightly dark skin.
  • Emma is not as smart as Ravi.
  • Emma is the biological daughter of Morgan and Christina Ross: Ravi is adopted



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