Emma and Zuri is the sibling friendship between Emma Ross and Zuri Ross. Emma tends to be a good big sister to Zuri as seen in many episodes. Zuri is Emma's youngest sister. They have a good sisterly bond. Zuri helps Emma with her web cast and blog Kitty Couture. Emma also let's Zuri sit on her lap and she also braids Zuri's hair occasionally. They like to have fun together. Zuri and Emma can be found playing dress ups, having tea parties and giving fashion advice to their nanny, Jessie Prescott.


Season 1


  • Zuri tells Emma if they run fast enough, they might be able to catch the limo.
  • Zuri followed Emma to the woods.

Camp Rules

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    The episode was centered around them.
  • Zuri was using Emma's diamond nail file.
  • They were trapped in the middle of a lake together.
  • Zuri splashed water on Emma.
  • Emma sprayed foam on Zuri.
  • They were having a clothes fight.
  • Zuri handed Emma the nail file to cut the fishing line to save Lou and Xander.
  • Emma understand how that Zuri is growing up and needs time to do her hair and makeup.
  • They make up and work as a team to free Lou and Xander.
  • They hug and nuzzle a little.

No Escape

  • Emma (and Xander) freaked out about Zuri (and Jorge) when they went missing.
  • Emma lead Zuri out of the store.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both females.
  • They are siblings.
  • They both go to Walden Academy.
  • They both are in Camp Kikiwawa.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They both live in the Ross Penthouse.
  • They are both in the cabin, Wood Chuck.


  • Emma is in high school; Zuri is in middle school.
  • Emma has blonde hair; Zuri has brown hair.
  • Emma is the biological daughter of Christina and Morgan Ross; Zuri is adopted.



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