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Eric is a camper from rival Camp Champion across the lake.
He was played by Spencer List.


Eric is an arrogant, self-obsessed boy from Camp Champion, the camp across the lake from Camp Kikiwaka. He is rude to Ravi Ross, Luke Ross, and Jorge when they say it's their turn at the spot. Ravi stands up to him and challenges him and Camp Champion to fight for The Spot with an archery battle. Eric appears to have some athletic ability since he goes to Camp Champion which is a Sports Camp. He is so convinced that his camp will win the archery battle, he decorates the spot with his camp logo, showing his arrogance. It is mentioned that he used to date both Lou and Hazel. In the end, he is downsized when Ravi wins the battle for Camp Kikiwaka and they get to keep the spot.


Eric is very arrogant and self-obsessed. He thinks that Camp Champion is the best, and is rude to all campers from rival camps. It's mentioned that in the previous year, he and the rest of Camp Champion once put mud in Camp Kikiwaka's meatloaf.

Physical Appearance[]

Eric is about 5' 10" and is quite muscular. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Lou and Hazel find him dreamy. He is stated several times to look like Emma, although they both deny it (this is mainly because his actor is Peyton List’s twin brother).




Lou and Hazel gushing over Eric



It is mentioned that Lou used to date Eric. She still finds him attractive even though he has a bad personality.

Hazel Swearengen[]


It is mentioned that Hazel used to date Eric. She still finds him attractive even though he has a bad personality. She even wrote her number on an arrow she was going to fire at him.


Eric's Cronies standing behind Xander, preparing to shoot at Camp Kikiwaka.


Eric's Cronies


It is seen that Eric has a few friends from his camp. They mostly hang around behind him and act as sidekicks to him.





Eric staring down at Xander, trying to intimidate him.

Xander and Eric are enemies as they both come from rival camps. When they first met, Eric ran Xander over with a jet ski and made him cry. He also calls him Xandork instead of Xander.


Hey, look who's here. The lameos from Camp Pipikaka.
I hope you guys have good dental coverage and if you don't my dad's a dentist and he could use the business.
I'm more than man enough and I have the Bar Mitzva video to prove it.
Hey, Xan-dork, I'm going to make you cry like a baby, just like the first time we met.
It's not my fault your head looks like a buoy. So, where's the dweeb who started all this?
I can't hear you. I'm up here.
You two imperfect weirdos deserve each other!
The Spot may be yours but the landfill off the highway is ours!


  • He is portrayed by Spencer List, Peyton List's real-life twin brother.
  • He dated both Lou and Hazel on July 4, meaning he either two-timed them or he just started dating one of them on his anniversary with the other.