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You must be real popular at sleepovers.

Finn Sawyer is a former main character who had main appearances in seasons 3-5 of Bunk'd. Finn is an energetic boy and cousin of camp director Lou.
He is played by Will Buie Jr.


Finn is an energetic young boy and cousin of camp director Lou. He is revealed to have low intelligence, but he is caring and protective towards his friends. Finn is also shown to love and talk to animals. In Three Stars and a Baby, it's revealed that the reason for his dimwitted personality is because when he was a baby, Lou accidentally bumped his head on the fridge door.

Physical Appearance[]

Finn is skinny with an average height for his age. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a T-shirt but is often seen wearing sleeveless shirts as well. He is presented as having poor hygiene, and he does not brush his teeth or take showers. His light blonde hair darkens eventually.


Lou Hockhauser[]

Lou is Finn's cousin, and as such, the two had prior experiences before Finn goes to camp. They are rarely shown together, although it appears the two have a strong family bond.

Matteo Silva[]

Matteo is Finn's roommate and best friend at Camp Kikiwaka. The two initially did not get along well, due to their vastly different personalities, for instance, Matteo views him as a messy boy who doesn't care about hygiene and manners, but over time they became good friends and got over their differences. Finn sometimes makes fun of Matteo, but he is always willing to help him out or stand up for him.

Destiny Baker[]

Destiny and Finn are good friends, and she takes part in many of Finn and Matteo's adventures. Destiny is often disgusted by Finn's poor hygiene, but she cares deeply about him and helps Finn deal with his fear of public speaking and his uncertainties about moving.

Ravi Ross[]

Ravi was Finn's counselor at Grizzly Cabin, although Finn rarely respected him.

Zuri Ross[]

Zuri briefly served as Finn's babysitter, and the two got along well.

Emma Ross[]

Emma was rarely seen with Finn, so their relationship is unknown.

Noah Lambert[]

Noah is Finn’s counselor in Season 4. Although he doesn’t really like him at first, they become really strong friends throughout the season.

Gwen Flores[]

Gwen is also one of Finn’s friends.

Ava King[]

Ava is also shown to be a friend of Finn. In Snow Cups and Fisticuffs, Finn went to Ava for advice when he was scared Derek was after him.


In Crash-ketball, you get 4 points for everything you break, 8 if it’s a bone!
—Finn in Let's Bounce!


Appearances: 68/161

Season 3[]

  1. We Can't Bear It!
  2. Let's Bounce!
  3. Take the Cake
  4. O Sister, Where Art Thou?
  5. Cav'd In
  6. By All Memes
  7. A Whole Lotta Lobsta
  8. No Bones About It
  9. Finder’s Keepers, Lou’s a Weeper
  10. Reversal of Fortune
  11. Game of Totems
  12. Toilets and Tiaras
  13. Bungle in the Jungle
  14. Gruel and Unusual Punishment
  15. It's a Blast!
  16. Up, Up and Away

Season 4[]

  1. Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!
  2. Kikiwaka's Got Talent
  3. Yes, Lies and Tower Escape
  4. An Udder Disaster
  5. Hot Spring Friend Machine
  6. Water Under the Dock
  7. In Your Wildest Screams
  8. Inn Trouble
  9. Lake Rancid
  10. Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
  11. Mo-Squito Mo Problems
  12. Sore Lou-ser
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Serfs Up-rising
  15. Summer Winter Wonderland
  16. Cramped Champions
  17. A Tale of Two Stackers
  18. Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat
  19. Snow Cups and Fisticuffs
  20. The S'more, The S'merrier
  21. Lava at First Sight
  22. Town and Clown Relations
  23. Whisper Toots
  24. My Fairy Lady
  25. Party Pooper
  26. Squatters' Fights
  27. Three Stars and a Baby
  28. Manic Moose Day
  29. Breaking Barb
  30. Raven About Bunk’d

Season 5[]

  1. Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross
  2. Rise of the Machine
  3. R.V. Having Fun Yet?
  4. Tentacle Difficulties
  5. Luck of the Chuck
  6. Look Who's Squawking
  7. Raucous Science
  8. Baton-man Begins
  9. Everyone's Trap'd
  10. Pop Pop Poppin' In
  11. Roll Models
  12. Gi Whiz
  13. Dancin' Up a Storm
  14. Out of the Doghouse
  15. The Great Awkward Bake-Off
  16. I Won't Let You Clown
  17. Crushin' It
  18. Camp Creepy-Waka
  19. A Star is Torn
  20. Moose Queens and Possum Kings
  21. Frien'ds Forever

Season 6[]

  1. Finn It to Win It

Season 7[]

  1. Happy Trails


  • His character was originally named Tyler.
  • His name is a reference to Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, who are characters created by Mark Twain.
  • Due to his feelings for Bessie. Lou's cow, Finn decided to become a vegetarian.
  • He hurt his knee attempting to perform a power slide while air-guitaring.
  • Finn's hometown of Brewster, Nebraska has an estimated population of 17 as of 2016. Brewster is 245 miles west-northwest of Omaha, Nebraska's largest city.
  • Finn does not return for season 6 as a series regular, although he made a guest appearance in Finn It to Win It.
  • He has a secret passion for Ribbon Dancing.
  • Finn's poor hygiene makes him very similar to Jorge Ramirez, the character whom he replaces from the first two seasons.
  • Finn was unaware that humans had landed on the Moon and dismissed the idea as impossible.
  • He has yet to pass first grade, as revealed in Bungle in the Jungle.
  • His parents divorced after his first summer at Camp Kikiwaka.
  • In Three Stars and a Baby, he wore diapers until he was eight. He even started changing his own diaper at the age of five when his mom told him to.
    • This episode also revealed a possible cause of his low intelligence, Lou accidentally opened a fridge door into his head when Finn was a baby, potentially causing acquired brain injury.
  • His mother Lareen has since married, Dave, and is expecting a baby half-sister for Finn and his other sister, Siobhan.
  • Lilian Manansala doubled for Finn in the Dance 3000 suit in Dancin' Up a Storm.
  • Finn wears contacts.
  • In Finn It to Win It Lou makes Finn an official counselor for Camp Kikiwaka.
  • Finn Sawyer is also a co-owner along with Matteo Silva and Ava King at Camp Kikiwaka.
  • Finn never appeared with Luke Ross.


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