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I'm so lonely!

Gladys was a recurring character on Bunk'd. She was the proprietor of Camp Kikiwaka and was even scarier than the legendary creature rumored to inhabit the area. She left town for good after taking all the insurance money with her that was to be used to rebuild the cabins.
She was portrayed by Mary Scheer.


She is mean, bitter, careless, and scary, even scarier than the legendary creature that's rumored to haunt the grounds, as described by the kids at Camp Kikiwaka. She is always seen complaining about her past failed relationships and how no one will ever love her but is always extremely desperate to find or get a man. However, they seemingly reject her because of her desperation while some use her for personal gain. The reason why Gladys is so mean and bitter is that she despises Christina and her children, claiming that Christina "stole" Morgan from her, to which also why she has no friends. She also seems to be very careless for the campers well-being, the campers themselves, or her job. Despite this, Gladys also is shown to be very gullible to the point of falling for the "Nigerian Prince" scam, as she believed that an actual Nigerian prince would propose and marry her.

Physical Appearance

She is a tall middle-aged woman, with brown hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing a bonnet and a red shirt with khaki shorts. She once dressed up similar to the Kikiwaka, though that was a one-time thing. She also hasn't shaved herself for some amount of time.


Appearances: 13/109

Season 1

Season 2


Season 1

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka

Geez! You don't shave your legs for one month, and suddenly you're a "sir."
With every bone in my body, including my artificial hip. I loved your father, but your mom stole him from me. Plus the title of "Best Counselor," and any chance I ever had at having a happy life!
We pay homage to Kikiwaka, the giant, ravenous demon beast who roams these woods!
With the blessing of Kikiwaka, our summer revels commence! Remember to pick up your trash.
Attention, campers! Time for the obstacle course. The winning cabin gets to have a pizza party, while I just continue the obstacle course that is my life.
Attention, campers! I have been informed that there was a Kikiwaka close encounter last night.
I haven't had a close encounter since last July 4th at the Moose Lodge. I'm so lonely!
And for the last ding dang time, it is one thing to pee in the lake, but it is completely unacceptable to leave a number two in a canoe!
So instead, we'll be racing inner tubes today. Last person to the lake has to clean the canoe!
Ha! Dopey kids. They'll believe anything.

Camp Rules

The Ones That Got Away

Live From Camp Kikiwaka

Xander Says Goodbye


  • She and Hazel have many personality similarities, Just like Hazel having a crush on Xander and trying to get between Emma and Xander, back in their childhood Gladys had a crush on Morgan Ross and tried to get between Christina and Morgan just like Hazel.
  • Gladys shares many similarities with Agatha and especially Rhoda Chesterfield from Jessie.
  • In the episode Mother May I? Christina Ross revealed that she was from Woodchuck cabin, and logically Gladys was from Weasel Cabin just like Hazel.
  • She is the aunt of Hazel Swearengen.
  • She is very tough, mean and bitter towards the campers.
  • She had a fight with Emma for her phone.
  • She is a rival of Christina Ross and holds a huge grudge against her because of Morgan Ross, due to the fact that Gladys believes that Christina "stole" Morgan from her.
  • She wants to get rid of Emma, Ravi and Zuri out of the camp. This is because of her rivalry with Christina Ross.
  • She was mistaken for a "sir" by Emma and a "hairy dude" by Luke.
  • She hasn't shaved her legs in a month.
  • She usually exploits Xander, for money or attention for the camp, because of his charming good looks.
  • She is similar to Rhoda Chesterfield, the Ross' neighbor in the penthouse building, however there are differences. They both hate the Ross kids and kids in general, although Mrs. Chesterfield has a soft spot for Emma while Gladys likes well-behaved or sycophant/suck-up kids. Also, Mrs. Chesterfield has been married six times, while Gladys hasn't even been married once.
  • In the episode Live From Camp Kikiwaka, Gladys reveals that the Ross kids' father Morgan filed a restraining order on Gladys to keep a distance of 100 feet from him, but sometime later the charge was dropped.
  • She has an artificial hip.
  • She scared the kids off at night, wearing a costume similar to the appearance of the Kikiwaka.
  • It's implied she drinks alcohol from her canteen.
  • She can't get a boyfriend.
  • Her legs remind Zuri of a New York City subway map.
  • There is a giraffe on JESSIE with the same name.
  • She banned candy from camp.
    • However, it was lifted.
  • In Xander Says Goodbye, it's shown she has a shrine to Morgan Ross.
  • She made the CITs sell postcards and stamps to pay for her varicose vein removal in Gone Girl.
  • Mary Scheer previously portrayed Zack Martin’s summer schoolteacher "Mrs. Byrd" on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
    • The actress also played "Marissa Benson" on the Nickelodeon show, iCarly and reprised the role in the subsequent 2020 revival series from Paramount +.


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