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Griff is in the House![]

What up, cell mates? I got this. You missed this key when you frisked me, rookie. There you go. Oh, and, uh, here's your wallet! You've gotta retake that license picture. Yikes!
Yup, and I'm ready for my pat down. But watch it, I'm ticklish.
We had pizza in juvie. And when it got stale, you could use it as a shiv!
Boom! I just scored another run, and three new watches!
Hey! Come back! Camp is fun! For once, I get to chase people!
Man, my hair is dirty. And oddly crunchy.
Oh, man, I got an itch. Oh! Popped that zit! It's a gusher.
Hey, guys. Look what I made in arts and crafts! In juvie, we only got to make license plates.
Oh sorry, man. I borrowed that after we went zip-lining, to get the bugs out of my teeth.
Dude, where exactly do you think I'm stashing it?
You're going to burn me?
So that automatically makes me a thief?
I don't know. When I was growing up, there wasn't always enough food, so I borrowed some from the grocery store.
Exactly. But they put me in juvie after I borrowed a skateboard, a TV, a motorcycle
Hey, you don't get to judge me! You have no idea what I've been through, what it's like to have your parents abandon you.
Okay, I know I haven't made the best choices in the past, but I was really hoping to put that all behind me.
I know. It's too bad they're gonna kick me out, because I was really starting to like it here, even you and your dumb face. Sorry, still working on my people skills.
Not very well! You're worse than my last public defender. And I found him on a bus bench.
No, he was sleeping on it.
Thanks, Ravi. Nobody's ever stuck up for me like that before.
That'd be cool, man.
I'll try to restrain myself.

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yo yo let’s give it up for j dog

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