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Griff and Zuri was the romantic/friendship pairing between Griff Jones and Zuri Ross. They were fellow campers at Camp Kikiwaka during Season 2. They were dating as of The Great Escape. It is unknown if they are still together, since Griff isn't mentioned in season 3.

They were portrayed by Skai Jackson and Lincoln Melcher.


Season 2[]

Dance in My Pants[]

  • Zuri wanted to dance with Griff.
  • Zuri said he looked cute in that hat.
  • Zuri giggled uncontrollably when Griff came over to her and Tiffany.
  • Griff said Zuri looked great.
  • Griff was surprised that Zuri wanted to dance with him.

Luke Out Below[]

  • They both went on the mountain with Luke.
  • They were in the same boat for the safety training.
  • They sat next to each other in the mess hall.
  • They said "because soap stings your eyes" together.
  • When they started climbing, Griff helped Zuri
  • Griff said Zuri's brother was cool.
  • Griff asked if Zuri was okay.
  • Griff screamed Zuri's name when she slipped.
  • They were stuck on the ledge together.

Tidal Wave[]

The Great Escape[]

  • Griff admitted he liked Zuri
  • Dated (did a picnic by the lake)
  • Tricked kids for their candies
  • Grabbed hands watching a movie
  • Held hands walking back from their date
  • Talked through their windows
  • Zuri wanted to tell Griff that she missed him, he was the coolest guy she ever met, and that there was nothing that could come between their relationship.
  • They were forbidden from seeing each other by Xander and Emma


Season 2[]

Luke Out Below[]

Griff: What do we do now?
Zuri: I say we scream for help.
Griff: I like it!
Griff: Who knows? I'm just hoping those are raisins.
Zuri: Fun would be a nice change. To avoid injuries, Ravi and Emma made us play dodgeball with bubbles, while wearing goggles.
Both: Because soap stings your eyes.

The Great Escape[]

Griff: Zuri, I really like you.
Zuri: Wait... do you mean like me or you like like me?
Griff: I like like you
Zuri: That's just like I was hoping for.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are the same age.
  • They both love Country Music.
  • They both are mischievous.
  • They both are very smart.
  • They both love candy.
  • They both love dancing and music.
  • They both are talented.
  • They both love tricking other campers and Emma, Xander, Lou, Ravi, Tiffany, and Jorge.
  • They both are competitive.
  • They both have older brothers (Zuri: Luke and Ravi; Griff: Xander)
  • They both love Emma, Xander, Lou, Ravi, Tiffany, and Jorge as friends and family.
  • They are both street-smart.


  • Griff is male; Zuri is female.
  • Griff is a Grizzly; Zuri is a Woodchuck.
  • Griff went to Juvie.



Zuri and Griff ate candy together in the Mess Hall and this is where Griff told Zuri he liked her.


They were together watching a movie. Griff asks Zuri to go to a Country Music festival if they can find a counselor to take them. Later they grabbed hands and were witnessed by Xander and Emma.


Nobody has seen this since the event is not recorded, but you can see them walking and Zuri talks about Griff with Emma, Lou, and Xander.


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