Grizzly is a cabin in Camp Kikiwaka. Noah is head counselor.

Cabin Description

There has been at least 3 different Grizzly cabins:

1st Grizzly Cabin:

Used in Season 1 and 2. Had 4 beds on each corner, a carpet, and a round table in the middle. Inhabited by Ravi Ross, Griff Jones, Xander McCormick, and Jorge Ramirez.

2nd Grizzly Cabin:

Used in Season 3. Was the most modern themed cabin, with 1 bed for Ravi and a 1 bunk bed for Finn on top and Matteo on the bottom. There was also a second floor with a slide leading down to the first. Inhabited by Ravi Ross, Matteo Silva, and Finn Sawyer.

3rd Grizzly Cabin:

Used in Season 4. Very similar to the 1st Grizzly Cabin except there were 3 beds in the corners and 1 uninhabited bunk bed in the other corner. Inhabited by Matteo Silva, Finn Sawyer, and Noah Lambert.

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