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Gwen and Destiny is the pairing of Gwen Flores and Destiny Baker, two Woodchuck campers from Camp Kikiwaka during Season 4.
They are portrayed by Scarlett Estevez and Mallory James Mahoney.

Fan Names[]

  • Dwen (D/estiny) (G/wen)
  • Gestiny (G/wen) (D/estiny)

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are both girls.
  • They are around the same age.
  • They are both in woodchuck cabin.
  • They both have long hair.
  • They both appear in Season 4.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They will both appear in Seasons 5&7
  • They best friends with Ava.
  • They are good friends with Lou, Finn, Matteo and Noah.


  • Gwen has brown hair, while Destiny has blonde.
  • Destiny is taller than Gwen.
  • Destiny appears in Season 3, while Gwen does not.
  • Gwen is a tomboy, while Destiny is a more of a girly girl.
  • Gwen has straight hair, while Destiny has curly hair.
  • Gwen has a brother, while Destiny is an only child.
  • Gwen grew up off the grid, while Destiny grew up on the grid.
  • Gwen is in a long distance relationship with Matteo , while Destiny is single .


  • Destiny gives Emma Gwen's contact information, so the two former Woodchucks can get acquainted.


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