Hazel and Xander is the relationship between Hazel Swearengen and Xander McCormick. Hazel has always liked him. Hazel often shows that she cares about Xander a lot. They are portrayed by Tessa Netting and Kevin G. Quinn.

Fan Names

  • Hander (H/azel and X/ander)
  • Xazel (X/ander and H/azel)
  • Hazander (Haz / el and X/ ander)


Season 1

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka

  • Xander told Hazel he was in love when he saw Emma.
  • Hazel thought Xander was talking to her (But he was talking about Emma).
  • Hazel leaned in for a kiss when Xander was going to introduce himself to Emma.
  • Hazel felt "nauseous" when Xander was talking to Emma.
  • Hazel jumped in and sat next to Xander.
  • Hazel was talking to Xander.
  • Hazel impersonated Xander.
  • Hazel made Xander hot wings.
  • Hazel wants to marry him after the next tetherball tournament.
  • Hazel told everyone that Xander would rather be with her instead of Emma.
  • Xander said that he never said that.
  • Hazel wants buddies, and she picked Xander.
  • Hazel leaned into Xander when they were in the woods.
  • Hazel called Xander "Xandy".
  • Hazel asked if Xander would allow the the rest of people treating her like that.
  • Xander said yes.
  • They sat next to each other during Xander's first onscreen performance.

Smells Like Camp Spirit

  • In the beginning of the episode Hazel and Xander were standing right next to each other.
  • Hazel smiled at Xander throughout the episode.
  • Hazel said to Emma to get off her man (Xander).
  • Hazel said to Xander that she'll imagine the parts that he has filled with fire ants.
  • Hazel grabbed Xander's arm.
  • Hazel made a doll out of Xander's hair.
  • Hazel told Xander to take off his shirt and not only did he do just that he also gave it to Hazel instantly after he did.

Season 2

Luke Out Below

  • Hazel gives Xander a toy guitar.
  • Xander realizes the gift was from Hazel and hugs her.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both the head counselor for their cabin.
  • They are both a part of Camp Kikiwaka.
  • They both have brown eyes.


  • Hazel is a Weasel; Xander is a Grizzly.
  • Hazel has platinum blonde hair; Xander has brown hair.
  • Hazel likes Xander while Xander likes Emma.



  • Hazel likes Xander very much.
  • Hazel wants to marry Xander.


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