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Jasper Flores was a character on Bunk'd. The older brother of Gwen Flores, like her, he was raised "off the grid," without the benefits of any form of technology or even indoor plumbing. While their parents managed to secure a spot at Camp Kikiwaka for the summer for Gwen, to help her acclimate to everyday life, Jasper was forced to undergo the transition under more urban surroundings.
He was portrayed by Malachi Barton.


Jasper has lived "off the grid" all his life, which means he lived without electricity and plumbing. According to Gwen, the Flores only brushed their hair one day of the year, which was Christmas. While his sister, Gwen, was at Camp Kikiwaka, he and their parents moved to the city. He tried to make friends, but because of his poor social skills, it didn't work out. Realizing he didn't fit in, Jasper ran away from the city, and decided to go get Gwen.



Jasper appears to care about Gwen a lot, such as trying to make friends because she wanted him to. However, because of living off the grid, he has very poor social skills. In the beginning, he only tried to make friends on his terms, without trying to get to know kids. When it didn't work out, he tried to get Gwen to run away with him. She convinced him to try to make friends at camp, but like before, he only tried to make friends on his terms. In the end, it's revealed he was scared that people wouldn't like him. Jasper learns that friends help each other out, so he contributes and saves the scholarship program. Because of this, he makes lots of new friends.


  • Jasper utilizes a defensive maneuver to knock out targets he calls the "Jasper Clasper," which is clearly based on the "Vulcan Neck Pinch," from Star Trek.
  • Malachi Barton played "Beast Diaz" on Stuck in the Middle, and "Colby" a.k.a. "Flashform" in The Villains of Valley View.
  • Malachi Barton played the role of "Marshall" in DCOMs Under Wraps and Under Wraps 2 and has been cast as "Victor" in the upcoming DCOM Zombies 4.


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