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Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

Hey, dudes! I'm Jorge. Mind if I take this bunk?
Dude, listen. You want me to sleep downwind! Especially on burrito night. I once had a 23-minute fart!
That's why the aliens abducted me. I'm special.
Of course not! They just invited me for brunch. You're weird.
Ravi, what are you doing?
Dude, you're embarrassing Grizzly Cabin! And men in general!
Yes! I win!
It is on planet Zorb. Dude, why are you such a buzzkill?
Uh-oh. I see something really scary!
No. It's a giant footprint.
Don't take me now god! I am so close to puberty!
I'm on it!
Is it gone?
What? The signs around here are really confusing.
Hey, compared to what the aliens did to me, that would be nothing. After brunch, it got ugly.

Gone Girl[]

Whoa, whoa! Why do we all have to suffer just because you're hideous and no one wants to date you? Let me rephrase that.
I smell candy! Oops, looks like you broke your horsey. She's weird. Anyhoo, I'll give you fifty bucks for the last bite of your candy bar.
But please don't take my tonsils! I need those to pee. Or breathe. I don't really pay attention in science.
No. I don't pay attention in math, either.
Look, boss! I sold two whole cases of candy.
No, no! I swear! Oh, look. This dollar somehow got stuck in my pocket. They moved the archery range.
Yeah, we'll give you all the free candy you want!
Hey, Zuri. "Say hello to my little friend!" He just paid me 20 bucks for a Scooter bar!
All of it. I have no idea what that word means!
It's good to be in business. When business is good.
Wow. You've read more today than I've read in my entire life. I'm still trying to finish The Cat in the Something. I couldn't get through the title.
I think we should cut her off. Her eyes are vibrating!
How much farther? It's hard for me to hike in gator shoes. Or any shoes.
How do these candy shipments come in, anyway?
Zuri, I never agreed that we should start selling video games.
I'm concerned about you. We all are.
Oh, yeah? Then where's your violin?
Candy has ruined your life.
Uh, nothing! Uh, nothing at all! Just trying to help a friend.
Come on, Zuri, look at her. Tiffany's turned into a candy-crazed zombie!
I'm worried about her. You didn't seem worried when I was stuffing cash into those ridiculous polyester pockets! Well, I'm worried now. She's gone nuts, and so have you!
That's it! I quit!
Not even caramel corn? Because that's really more corn than caramel.
Then that's how it has to be. I'm bringing back every penny of that filthy candy money. Minus what I paid for this sick, white suit.
Uh, my bar mitzvah?
Okay, okay! The truth is, I've been running a candy smuggling ring, selling candy to campers.
Uh No one. It's just me! I'm a lone wolf!
Because you're my friend, and friends don't rat each other out. Plus, you know where I sleep.
You're welcome. But we still need to fix Tiffany.
Problem solved.