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Jorge and Ravi was the friendship pairing between Jorge Ramirez and Ravi Ross. Both members of Camp Kikwaka's Grizzly Cabin, Jorge constantly put Ravi in precarious situations but they still remained good friends.
They were portrayed by Nathan Arenas and Karan Brar.

Fan Names[]

  • Javi (J/orge and R/avi)


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • They sat next to each other during the campfire scene.
  • Jorge took Ravi's original bunk.

Gone Girl[]

  • After being caught by Gladys while smuggling candy outside the Great Lawn, Jorge tries convincing Gladys into thinking he is Ravi.

Jorge: "Uh, it is I, Ravi!"

Gladys: "Nice try, I have no idea who Ravi is but I know you're not him!"

Camp Rules[]

  • They got in trouble by Gladys.
  • They were both working at the kitchen for punishment.

Smells Like Camp Spirit[]

  • Jorge calls Ravi "his best bud in the whole wide world".
  • Jorge attempted to teach Ravi how to swim, and succeeds

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are both males.
  • They are both in the Grizzly's cabin.


  • Ravi is a CIT; Jorge isn't.
  • Jorge wears glasses; Ravi doesn't.
  • Ravi is more of a book-smart, while Jorge is a street-smart kid.
  • Ravi likes his place to be neat, while Jorge doesn't.


Season 1[]

Camp Rules[]

Ravi: Uh, Jorge! As your CIT, I must insist you make your bed.
Jorge: I'm just gonna mess it up again. It's the circle of filth.
Ravi: According to the rules, "All campers must make their beds in the morning."
Jorge: Maybe I did make it, and a raccoon snuck in and messed it up. After all, they are nature's troublemakers.
Ravi: You also blame the raccoons for clogging the toilet.
Jorge: Well, they are nature's-
Ravi: Enough! I am going to need you to cooperate, sir. Please, make your bed.
Jorge: Oh, come on, lemme slide on this one, bunk buddy.
Ravi: You have given me no choice but to get tough! Ouchies, papercut!
Ravi: Busted perp coming through!
Jorge: Dude, what is the problem? You just interrupted a killer cannonball sesh!
Ravi: You did not wait the required 30 minutes after eating before swimming, as clearly outlined by rule 41. It was a textbook snack-n-splash!
Jorge: Fine. Just give me a ticket and lemme get back to butt-blasting that lake.
Ravi: I am sorry. Between the unmade bed, your tardiness to kickball, and now this, you are up to three citations. The rules state you must be punished.
Jorge: Why are you picking on me, man? I thought we were friends.
Ravi: Hey, it is not only you I have cited. Just because they are safety scissors, does not mean you can run with them. Hoodlums.
Ravi: There you are, scofflaw!
Jorge: You almost gave me a heart attack! I should probably go to the nurse. Bye!
Ravi: Halt! I doubt you are concerned with cardiovascular health, considering at lunch today you drank a mac and cheese smoothie through a licorice straw.
Jorge: I was carbo-loading. Speaking of which, I better go unload.
Ravi: Wait. What have you got under your shirt?
Jorge: Um, the tiny, fuzzy beginnings of a glorious chest of hair?
Ravi: Give me that!
Jorge: Dude, knock it off. Ha! That tickles!
Ravi: You stole Jedediah Swearengen's original camp rules! Jorge, how could you?
Jorge: Tt was actually really simple. Glass is super easy to break.
Ravi: You are in big trouble, mister. First you disobey everything I say, and now you steal the rules? This is almost as ironic as it is naughty!
Jorge: Okay, okay, I'll sneak it back.
Ravi: No, you have done quite enough. I shall go sneak it back. Maybe we can blame the broken glass on a clumsy bird.
Jorge: Or one of your wildly inaccurate softball throws. Not the time, I get that.
Ravi: You stay right here, and we will deal with your punishment when I return.
Jorge: Are you sure you can pull this off without Gladys catching you?
Ravi: I went through all of middle school without being noticed by a female, I think I got this.
Jorge: Soup's on, boss! You know, if I have to be punished, I'm glad it's with you.
Ravi: Me too, Jorge. And it kind of feels good just to be a CIT again, and not a cop on the edge.
Jorge: Enjoy! Hey, that's where my sock went.
Ravi: Trust me, that is the least disgusting ingredient in there.


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