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Jorge and Tiffany was the friendship pairing between Jorge Ramirez and Tiffany Chen. They were friends and fellow Camp Kikiwaka campers that cared about each other very much.
They were portrayed by Nathan Arenas and Nina Lu.

Fan Names[]

  • Jiffany (J/orge and T/iffany)
  • Joffany (Jo/rge and Ti/ffany)
  • Jorny (Jor/ge and Tiffa/ny)


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • When they were in the woods, they hugged when they were scared of the Kikiwaka.

Gone Girl[]

  • Jorge comes in and breaks Tiffany's statue.
  • Jorge said that Tiffany read more than he ever did in his entire life.
  • Tiffany asked Jorge about him being in her cabin.
  • Jorge said that he was worried about Tiffany.
  • Jorge asked Tiffany where her violin is.
  • Jorge made Tiffany admit she had a problem.

Smells Like Camp Spirit[]

  • They both tried to teach Ravi how to swim.
  • They got into a disagreement about who is the best teacher.
  • They were both proud of Ravi when he passed the test.
  • They acted like a married couple, treating Ravi like their son when he was in the water.

Similarities & Differences[]


  • They both have brown hair.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They are about the same age.
  • They both departed at the end of Season 2.


  • Jorge wears glasses; Tiffany doesn't.
  • Jorge Hates reading; Tiffany loves reading.
  • Jorge is a Grizzly; Tiffany is a Woodchuck.
  • Jorge has a loving mother; Tiffany's is learning to be more loving.


  • Both entered Stephanie Queen's writing contest, which Jorge won, much to Tiffany's utter shock and disbelief.


Tiffany Jorge, what are you doing in here?
Jorge: I'm concerned about you. We all are.
Tiffany: What do you mean? I'm fine. Totally fine. You're the ones with a problem!
Jorge: Oh, yeah? Then where's your violin?
Tiffany: I traded it for a ChocoChunk. Okay! I have a problem! I admit it. And I can't bear them to see me like this. Especially my bear!
Jorge: Welcome to rock bottom, sister. Candy has ruined your life.
Jorge: You're welcome. But we still need to fix Tiffany.
Tiffany: There's gotta be some sap in this tree! Sweet, sweet sap. Mmm!


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