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Jorge and Zuri was the friendship pairing between Jorge Ramirez and Zuri Ross, two campers from Camp Kikiwaka. They connect in Gone Girl, when they set up a secret business selling candy and video games to the other campers.
They were portrayed by Nathan Arenas and Skai Jackson.

Fan Names[]

  • Juri (J/orge and Z/uri)
  • Jori (Jo/rge and Zu/ri)
  • Zorge (Z/uri and J/orge)


Season 1[]

Gone Girl[]

  • They set up a secret business selling candy and video games to the campers.
  • They were alone at their cabin at first.
  • Jorge dressed in a tuxedo to meet Zuri.
  • Zuri treated Jorge badly.
  • Jorge took the blame for their crimes to Gladys and didn't rat out Zuri.
  • They gave Tiffany video games but they discovered a new problem together.

Secret Santa[]

  • They both went up to Santa's cabin in the woods.
  • Zuri suggest that Jorge to pick any tree when he has to go to the bathroom.
  • Zuri wasn't convinced that Jorge saw Santa Claus, but eventually she did.

There's No Place Like Camp[]

  • Zuri tried to be Jorge's grandma to convince him to stay at camp.

Season 2[]

Dance in My Pants[]

  • Jorge overheard Zuri (and Tiffany) talking.
  • Jorge thought that they wanted to dance with him.
  • Zuri tells Jorge that there has been a big misunderstanding.

How the Griff Stole Christmas[]

  • Jorge was upset when Zuri chose Tiffany to be on her team instead of him.
  • Jorge adds on to Zuri's comment about the atomic wedgie.
  • Zuri followed Jorge's orders of gathering the mashed potato flakes.
  • Jorge asked if Zuri put water in the mashed potatoes.
  • Zuri says that Jorge has no choice but to play dodgeball by himself.
  • Zuri chooses Jorge to be on her team during the second round.

Similarities & Differences[]


  • They both have brown hair.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They are both regular campers at Camp Kikiwaka.


  • Jorge is a Grizzly; Zuri is a Woodchuck.
  • Zuri is smarter than Jorge.


  • Zuri is taller than Jorge.


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