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Okay, there's only one way to save this place. We need to make a new promotional video.

"Live From Camp Kikiwaka" is the twentieth episode in Season 1 of Bunk'd. It aired on May 13, 2016. This episode scored 1.29 million viewers.


When Gladys announces that Camp Kikiwaka may close, Emma, Xander and Lou host a live stream to try and save the camp.


The episode starts out with Gladys announcing that she has some shocking news through her megaphone. Zuri and Ravi, jokingly guess that she got stood up on another date, which happens every weekend. Gladys then revealed that after this summer, the camp is shutting down permanently. Tiffany asks why the camp is closing and Gladys says it's closing because there weren't enough applicants for next year. Two things happen at Camp Kikiwaka every summer. Someone gets food poisoning and Gladys says the camp is going to close. This according to Lou, who tells the others not to worry when Gladys announces that this will be the last summer at camp.

While food poisoning is more or less a certainty when Gladys shows off the camp’s new website it becomes painfully obvious why there haven’t been any registrations for the next summer. The new promo video for the site is one long 1980s cliché complete with phrases like “nuclear arms race,” “hacky sacking,” “totally tubular" and “acid washing jeans.”

Emma, Xander, and Lou decide the best way to update the video with something from “this century” is to host a webcast. But the webcast hits a snag when Gladys starts auctioning off items in the camp right in the middle of the webcast. Bickering between the Ross clan and company only make the webcast worse as people walk off with items Gladys has auctioned off. When Emma and Xander try to show off their tetherball skills, they have to use a brick instead of the tetherball Gladys sells for five dollars.

It turns out the best way to make the webcast a success was to not try because when Emma, Xander and Lou inadvertently film themselves making up and having a heart-to-heart talk about their friendship, the webcast audience responds. Three-hundred camp registrations later, Camp Kikiwaka is saved.

The episode ends with an "updated" version of the 1980's video, with Gladys, Xander, Emma, Lou, Zuri and Tiffany dancing. Emma steps out, asking if Ravi is actually recording it, and he says no, as he is watching cat videos.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Gladys: Potato, pot-ah-to.
Zuri: We don't have any of those either. Our potato salad is just expired mayonnaise.
Xander: That's a great idea! We just have to get a bunch of viewers.
Lou: I have 150,000 fans on Farmpage. If I let them know, they'll watch for sure.
Ravi: I thought all of your fans are pigs.
Lou: And their owners. And some chickens!
Emma: And I have 300,000 fans. And all of them are humans.
Zuri: So, anybody here from out of town?
Tiffany: It's summer camp. Everyone here's from out of town!
Lou: Really? 'Cause you hate sports. Have you ever even used the word "sports" in a sentence?
Emma: "Xander looks amazing playing sports."
Lou: Wow, I walked right into that one.
Ravi: You mean their bad grammar? I know. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Xander: Which Down-Easter magazine hailed as "much less toxic than the lake." Let's check it out! Ah! Smell that Camp Kikiwaka air.
Emma: Scientists say that's the methane coming from the lake, but we say it smells like fun in the sun!
Emma: Regular tetherball is for wimps. Here at Camp Kikiwaka, we're about extreme sports! Hey, Xander, ready for a game of tether-brick?
Zuri: Thanks. And your fiddle-playing probably would be a big draw for the nerds. Some of you guys are okay.
Tiffany: Hey, you know what would be a really great idea for the webcast? If we worked together, and did a music comedy combo!
Zuri: Awesome! We could call ourselves the Classical Quipsters. I'll work on that.


  • We find out Lou feels like a third wheel.
  • This episode is also referred to as, "Live at Camp Kikiwaka".
  • There was a reference to Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.
  • After hearing Zuri’s attempt at stand-up comedy, Tiffany calls her Lamy Schumer.
  • Lou’s way of saying she is mad is to say she is “like a mule chewing on bumblebees.”
  • When Gladys agrees to redo the camp promotional video, the only change is that she is joined by the campers, who are dressed in 1980s workout clothes. When asked how it’s an update, Gladys says they are going to be doing The Running Man instead of the Moonwalk. The Moonwalk was popularized by Michael Jackson in 1983, the Running Man by his sister Janet Jackson in 1986.
  • Morgan Ross makes a cameo in an old camp video.


  • Xander had mentioned that they first came to camp when they were ten but in the episode "Luke Out Below" they were said to be eight.


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International premieres[]

  • July 3, 2016 (Hungary)
  • July 24, 2016 (Israel)
  • September 18, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)


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