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Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

Welcome! I'm Lou, camp counselor and head Woodchuck in charge! And did I see a moose with a hat!!!!!!
Oops! My bad. We'll make you a sling in arts and crafts. So, you're my new counselor in training? Let the training begin. Sit! Jk!
No, seriously. Sit, or you're goin' in the crate! JK again! I'm all about the JKs! Lol!
So, how many years of camp experience do you have?
But you like kids, right?
So why do you want to be a camp counselor?
Good luck! Christina Ross is a legend around here. They say she could assemble a s'more in two seconds flat, and her dream catchers actually caught dreams!
Nature's popcorn. Speaking of fashion, I hate to brag, but I'm a cover girl.
Yep. Four-H Digest. The big fall flea and tick issue.
Then during free time tomorrow, we can dive for mud dabs, and connect your mosquito bites to see what shape they make! Look, mine make Abe Lincoln!
She's not really good with new people. Or old people. Or any people.
She is a good leader! Just ask our campers.
She is not! She has legendary counselor Christina Ross' blood running through her veins!
That's my bunk buddy, people!
Oh! A pretty girl covered in mud, and you thought he wasn't going to like that? What's next? You hand her a tray of hot wings and have her turn on football?
You are not! You're much better than my last CIT, Tammy. She took the kids to pet the hibernating bears.
Exactly! It was a lot of paperwork.
At least not while you're still breathing. Sorry, that sounded much more supportive in my head.
The Spot is the place in the woods where the kids go to... You know.
Come on! Come on!
That's seven years from now!
Xander? You're supposed to be with Emma. Why are you here?
Emma went to The Spot because you sent her that note telling her to meet you there.
Uh-oh. This Woodchuck smells a rat.
Gee, who would want to send Emma out into the woods? I'm looking at you, Hazel. Right where your soul should be!
Wow, you are lighter than a chicken, and their bones are hollow!
Good idea! Hazel, go down and ask it for a date.
And sometimes offensive odors will drive animals off!
After that fart, there's nothing alive within 100 miles.
Way to be a leader, Woodchuck. I think your mom would be really proud of you.
Don't you agree, Hazel?
Camp's the other way.
Perfect! Aww! My little Woodchuck's all grown up!
Wait till I teach you how to give a porcupine a French braid. Hurts like heck, but they look so darn adorable!
Wow, last time the bonfire was this big, Gladys had dropped her canteen in it.

Gone Girl[]

Hi, sister from another mister!
Hey, Woodchucks never frown. No, seriously, it's impossible. Their massive incisors prevent mouth inversion.
Aw, Emma, look, boys are like hotdogs. Delicious, but wondering about what's inside will make you puke.
Great, let's do this!
Oh, right. A solo sitch. Hit it!
Emma, if you don't say yes, I will.
Yay! You two go together like peanut butter and eggs. What? It's delicious.
Don't be. I'm sure this time it won't be as messy as it was with your last girlfriend.
Me, too. You did everyone a favor by getting rid of her.
Oh, man, she won't know what hit her!
The turkey was already dead.
She went to The Spot with Xander.
Oh, she's long gone. Just like this turkey leg's gonna be.
Ravi! Stop! They're just on a date Oh!
I'm okay! Ravi broke my fall.
Ooh, are we making s'mores?

Camp Rules[]

Or you can be buried neck deep in a fire ant hole.