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Wow, you are lighter than a chicken, and their bones are hollow!
Lou talking about Ravi

Lou and Ravi was the friendship pairing between Lou Hockhauser and Ravi Ross. They are friends, but on different cabins in Camp Kikiwaka.
They were portrayed by Miranda May and Karan Brar.

Fan Names[]


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • They both screamed.
  • Lou carried Ravi when they were in the woods.

Gone Girl[]

  • Ravi told Lou that she was a murderer.
  • Lou followed Ravi to The Spot.
  • Lou tried to stop Ravi from ruining Emma and Xander's date.
  • Lou fell on top of Ravi, making him break her fall, and causing Ravi to break a rib.

The Ones That Got Away[]

  • Lou offers Ravi to be her fishing partner, and he accepts.
  • Lou teaches him how to fish.
  • They tried to catch Big Whiskers together.
  • Ravi handed Lou a fly at her command.
  • Ravi tells Lou to take a break from searching for Big Whiskers.
  • Ravi tells her that it's the quest that matters the most, not the result.

Season 2[]

Dance in My Pants[]

  • Lou asked Ravi to dance after Emma and Xander kissed.

Similarities & Differences[]



  • Lou is strong; Ravi is weak.
  • Lou has light brown hair; Ravi has dark brown hair.
  • Lou has gray eyes; Ravi has brown eyes.
  • Lou is a Woodchuck; Ravi is a Grizzly.


Season 1[]

Gone Girl[]

Ravi: Murderer!
Lou: The turkey was already dead.
Ravi: Where is Emma?
Lou: She went to The Spot with Xander.
Ravi: You mean she is already gone?
Lou: Oh, she's long gone. Just like this turkey leg's gonna be.
Lou: Ravi! Stop! They're just on a date Oh! I'm okay! Ravi broke my fall.
Ravi: And Lou broke my rib.

The Ones That Got Away[]

Lou: That's it. I give up. I gave that fish the best years of my life. And it was all for nothing!
Ravi: Lou, here is some advice from someone who knows quite a bit about failure. Perhaps catching the fish is not what is most important. Maybe the quest is what matters most.
Lou: Nope. Really wanted to catch that fish.
Ravi: Before we begin, will you teach me how to use this fishing rod?
Lou: Absolutely! Here's your first lesson.
Ravi: Is the fish supposed to climb on shore and bite the hook? Because that is asking an awful lot.
Lou: Nope, we're going to fish the natural way.
Ravi: I refuse to take my clothes off.
Lou: I'm talking about hand fishing. My grandpa Clem taught me. We had so much fun. He would do a little happy dance with every fish he caught.
Ravi: Aww, he sounds adorable.


  • Lou is best friends with Ravi's adoptive sibling, Emma Ross.
  • Although Lou knows that Ravi has been to Mars, she still considers Emma to be Kikiwaka's most accomplished Camper.


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