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Lou and Xander was the friendship pairing between Lou Hockhauser and Xander McCormick. They were both longtime camper and counselors at Camp Kikiwaka.
They were portrayed by Kevin G. Quinn and Miranda May.

Ship Names []

  • Xou (X/ander and L/ou)
  • Lander (L/ou and X/ander)


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • Both Lou and Xander become friends with Emma Ross.
  • Lou was there when Xander had a beauty intro about Emma.
  • They were both on the tree.

Gone Girl[]

  • Lou as there when Xander was outlining his plan of the perfect date with Emma.
  • Lou was there when Xander asked Emma out on a date.
  • Lou said if Emma doesn't say "yes" on the date with Xander, she will.
  • Lou fell in the hole that Xander created.
  • Lou came between Emma and Xander.

Xander Says Goodbye[]

  • Lou helps Xander with football.
  • Lou, Emma, and Ravi held up cards so Xander would know what to say to his father.

Season 2[]

Dance in My Pants[]

  • It was revealed that Lou and Xander dated when they were 9.
  • Lou and Xander were dancing before Emma came.
  • Lou and Xander almost kissed.
  • Lou was there when Xander and Emma kissed.

Treehouse of Terror[]

  • Lou and Emma won Xander and Ravi on many things including billiards.
  • Lou and Emma won billiards, most to Xander and Ravi's disappointment.

Luke Out Below[]

  • They were working on this year's camp yearbook together.
  • Lou recalled the guys versus girls volleyball game, teasing Xander.
  • They looked through the yearbook they had when they were 8.
  • Young Lou handed Young Xander a s'more.
  • They were taking pictures together for the yearbook.
  • Lou pointed out a picture of young Xander and his crying tree.
  • Young Lou comforted young Xander about his homesickness.
  • Lou was Xander's first real friend at camp.
  • Young Lou left some eyedrops at his crying tree because his eyes were red.
  • Xander thought Lou gave him the toy guitar.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both of them have light brown hair.
  • Both of them are counselors at Camp Kikiwaka.
  • Both of them are friends with Emma Ross.
  • Both of them dislike Hazel.


  • Xander is a male, Lou is a female.
  • Xander is a Grizzly; Lou is a Woodchuck.
  • Xander is the boyfriend of Emma, Lou is just a friend of Emma.


Season 1[]

Gone Girl[]

Xander: Emma, I wrote a song I want you to hear.
Lou: Great, let's do this!
Xander: Thanks, but I got it.
Lou: Oh, right. A solo sitch. Hit it!
Xander: I'm really nervous about tonight with Emma.
Lou: Don't be. I'm sure this time it won't be as messy as it was with your last girlfriend.
Xander: Ugh, I hope not. That was gruesome. I'm glad Amanda is gone forever.
Lou: Me, too. You did everyone a favor by getting rid of her.
Xander: And I can't wait to knock Emma off her feet with this.
Lou: Oh, man, she won't know what hit her!
Xander: Then, before Emma has the chance to catch her breath, I'm going to whip out my trusty axe and get to shredding.
Lou: OMG, Emma is going to die.
Xander: We should really cut back that poison ivy.
Lou: Yeah.


  • Both of their actors, Miranda, and Kevin (along with Karan Brar) sing the theme song.
  • Lou often is there and interrupts Xander's moments with Emma Ross.
  • They met on the bus to camp. Xander threw up from getting carsick and Lou held the barf bag (her backpack) as revealed in Live From Camp Kikiwaka.


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