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Lucas Philbert (Luke) Ross was the special guest character in the first two seasons of Bunk'd. He is Emma's younger brother and Ravi and Zuri's older brother. He was first seen in the original show Jessie as a protagonist alongside his siblings. He was portrayed by the late Cameron Boyce.

He only appeared in two episodes, Luke's Back and Luke Out Below. Nonetheless, he was first mentioned in Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka by Gladys and Zuri. He was mentioned again by his siblings in the episodes Secret Santa, There's No Place Like Camp, Zuri Has a Little Lamb and Finder’s Keepers, Lou’s a Weeper.


Total Appearances: 2/162

Season 1[]

Appearances: 1/21

Season 2[]

Appearances: 1/21

Season 3[]

Appearances: 0/16


  • Both Jorge and Griff are similar to him in different ways, and can be considered his substitutes in the show.
  • He debuted in the episode Luke's Back.
  • Unlike the other Ross kids, Luke is not a main character in the spin-off, having only two major appearances in the show in the first and second season. In-universe, his absence is explained through the reveal that he was supposed to be at Camp Kikiwaka, but he was put in summer school instead. In real life, he wasn't in the show due to his actor, Cameron Boyce having a role in the Disney show, "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything".
    • "Luke Out Below" marks the character's final appearance due to his his actor's death on July 6th, 2019, at the age of 20, due to a seizure attack from epilepsy. In-story, the character's fate is unknown.
  • He had the last line in JESSIE.
  • He is the only Ross kid that Hazel seems to tolerate, apparently because of his good looks.
  • Every original main character has met him, except for Tiffany, who was absent in both episodes Luke was in.
  • He has been mentioned five times throughout the series.
    • Presumably due to his actor's death, as well as the JESSIE cast's departure from the series, Luke is not mentioned, nor referenced again for the rest of the series following Season 3.
  • Like his younger siblings, he was adopted.
    • Despite that, he has a strong resemblance with his adoptive father.
  • He is known to be a prankster. According to Jorge, his pranks are legendary.
  • Luke's birthdate is November 2nd, 1999, which means that he is a Scorpio (♏).


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