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Matteo Silva[1] is a former main character who had main appearances in seasons 3-5 of Bunk'd. Matteo is a cautious kid who can find danger in any situation and when he does panic, he speaks Portuguese, and he would rather not be at camp until the end when everything is alright through his friends He is also Gwen Flores’s Boyfriend.

Matteo is portrayed by Raphael Alejandro.


Matteo is a cautious kid who can find danger in any situation and would rather not be at Camp Kikiwaka. He is an extreme germophobe and hypochondriac, always worried about getting infected or sick. He is shown to be very intelligent. Matteo has fairly low self-esteem, although he sometimes tries to convince himself that he is indeed cool.


Season 3

We Can't Bear It!

In We Can't Bear It!, we first meet Matteo packing in his house "towards his doom". Later, when the campers realize the cabins burned down and take the bus back, Finn and Destiny go take a selfie with the baby bear in the mess hall whereas Matteo was in the woods using the washroom, therefore they got left behind. The 3 have some fun until Lou realizes Finn got left behind and turns back to camp. During this time, Finn, Matteo, and Destiny encounter a bear but they manage to escape. In the end, Matteo recommends getting a rich friend to buy the camp to Emma, and the Ross family buys the camp in the end.

Let's Bounce!

In Let's Bounce!, Matteo gets in a fight with Finn, and they end up messing up their brand-new cabin Ravi designed for them. When Ravi comes back, he gets mad and kicks them out of the cabin. They go to the new bouncy house on the lake and find Destiny on there to recover from a fight with Zuri. After some bouncing, the bouncy castle gets untied with the dock and they start bouncing away to the top of the waterfall. Luckily, just before the fall, Matteo recommends bouncing to a tree to get the bouncy castle stuck there and walk to land. The plan works and they are all safe in the end.

Take the Cake

In Take the Cake, Matteo and Destiny work together to help Finn overcome his fear of public speaking after Lou decides to hold a camper speech night. Everything fails, but in the end, Matteo and Destiny stage a fight to get Lou to cancel the speeches so Finn does not get to speak.

O Sister, Where Art Thou?

In O Sister, Where Art Thou, Ravi and Finn try to get Matteo out of his cabin with hypnosis. However, Matteo gets overly-confident and completely disregards safety, like trying to go on a zipline without another platform for someone to catch him. In the end, Ravi ends his hypnosis and Ravi goes to the next platform to catch Matteo, who gains courage at the end of the episode.

Cav'd In

In Cav'd In, Matteo and Finn are frustrated with Ravi spying on them so Ravi decides to buy cameras and drones to spy on them. When things get out of hand, Matteo and Finn explain they were just intimidated by Ravi's cameras and Ravi agrees to take them down as long as they are less reckless.

By All Memes

In By all Memes, Matteo and Destiny have a fight over which of them Finn likes more after Finn takes selfies with only Destiny or only Matteo. At the end, they admit the reason they were so protective of Finn being their friend was that they both don't have many friends at home. The 3 all become friends in the end.

A Whole Lotta Lobsta

In A Whole Lotta Lobsta, Matteo and Destiny have a dream about lobsters cooking humans, which leads them to try and hide the lobsters Ravi was going to cook for the Lobster Festival. In the end, when Ravi finds them, they manage to convince Ravi to spare the lobsters' lives, leading Ravi to make Tofu Lobster.

No Bones About It

In No Bones About It, Finn and Matteo find bones in the shape of a fantasy animal, leading them to believe it is a new species. They set up a trap but somehow trap the Woodchucks because of Destiny forcing them to do a Woodchuck initiation in the woods. Zuri later admits that she has secretly been eating Chinese takeout and she buried the bones in the ground.

Finder’s Keepers, Lou’s a Weeper

The campers plan a surprise celebration for Lou's tenth anniversary of being at Camp Kikiwaka. Destiny, Finn, and Matteo try repairing an old truck in the forest that Lou likes, but they discover it needs a new engine. An old man comes and tells them the story of a thief who got arrested in Moose Rump for robbery. He admits he was the one arrested and he is convinced that they stole the money under the car's seat he left there.

Reversal of Fortune

Finn begins acting abnormally after he receives a letter from his parents, but he declines to tell Matteo and Destiny what was written in the letter. Finn goes to the fortune teller machine for advice and is told that his problem will be solved if he does something "outrageous". Items start disappearing from the camp, including food and the vegetables from the garden, and Destiny and Matteo later learn that Finn has set up a campsite in the forest using the missing items. Finn reveals that he and his parents will be moving at the end of the summer; as he does not want to lose his hometown friends, he followed the fortune teller machine's advice by stealing items to set up his own campsite. Finn returns the items, and Lou, Destiny, and Matteo convince him that he will make new friends once his family moves.

Game of Totems

The camp holds its annual Kikiwaka Cup game, in which the campers and counselors form two opposing teams and strategize to steal each other's totem. During the game, Matteo is sent to the office after throwing a dodgeball at Ravi. Matteo reveals that he intentionally got himself taken out of the game because he believes he is too small to play, but Ravi later agrees to give him a second chance in the game. In the end, because of his size, he can quickly dodge attacks and he helps the campers win for the first time.

Toilets and Tiaras

Matteo creates a robot named Otis to clean up after Finn, but Otis malfunctions and subsequently becomes jealous when Matteo wants to spend time with Finn. Later, Ravi and Finn try to shut down Otis, who locks them in their cabin bathroom. After learning of the situation, Matteo shuts down Otis and rescues Ravi and Finn.

Bungle in the Jungle

Destiny, Finn, and Matteo get transported into a jungle adventure board game. To win the game and escape the jungle, they must find a man named Safari Jim and rescue him from various wild animals. Destiny wakes up and realizes that the time spent in the jungle was only a dream.

Gruel and Unusual Punishment

Finn, Destiny and Mateo get transported to 17th century Moose Rump, where they are indentured servants forced to work. Finn's job is to hunt animals, but he shows a fondness for them. Destiny's job is to create clothes in a dress shop, but she tries to update the women's clothing to be more colorful. Matteo's job is to prepare food, but he goes against the traditional recipe to make the food flavorful. The children's behavior, considered odd and non-traditional for the time period, leads the town constable to suspect that they are witches. The children learn that the Moose Rump flood is coming, and they try to warn the town, but they are placed on trial for allegedly being witches. The children are found guilty, but they succeed in getting the town to evacuate.

It's a Blast!

In It's a Blast! Camp Kikiwaka holds a rocket competition. However, Matteo gets discouraged after Finn's rocket got higher and faster. In the end, Ravi admits that he helped Finn's rocket get higher and faster.

Up, Up and Away

Finn and Matteo discover a caged baby Kikiwaka and free it, later learning that a scientist, Dr. Blackburn, had captured it for research. The children name the animal Doug and shave him to blend in with the campers. Blackburn captures Doug again, but he escapes his cage, and his mother arrives to scare off Blackburn. The Kikiwakas then retreat into the forest.

Season 4

Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!

Matteo and Finn are not having as much fun at camp this year, and they suspect that it is because Noah, their new counselor is continuously talking about acting and doing acting exercises. They say this out loud and Noah overhears this, causing him to leave camp. When Lou finds out, she organizes a search team and with Gwen's tracking skills, they manage to find him.

Kikiwaka's Got Talent

In Kikiwaka's Got Talent, Gwen befriends Matteo on the night before the talent show, and Matteo hangs out with her for the next day swimming, teaching Gwen a dance he and Finn made, and shooting, which gave Finn and Matteo no time to practice their ventriloquism act that Matteo decided to do because the dance was "too embarrassing". After when Matteo finally returned, Finn got mad and left. On the night of the talent show, Matteo decides to do the dance, and Finn enlists the help of Gwen, fixing the friendship.

Physical Appearance

Matteo is skinny and very short, which he is sometimes embarrassed about. He is of Hispanic origin like Jorge. He has long black hair and fair skin. He wears large glasses and usually dresses in a collared, tucked-in shirt. He almost always has a belt on.


Finn Sawyer

Finn is Matteo's roommate in Grizzly Cabin and best friend at camp. Matteo and Finn are polar opposites with Matteo being intelligent, cautious, and a germaphobe while Finn is unintelligent, courageous, and unhygienic. Matteo often gets annoyed at Finn's obnoxious behavior and poor hygiene, but he cares deeply for him and is eager to help Finn out when he has problems. Likewise, Finn encourages Matteo to leave his comfort zone and try new things.

Destiny Baker

Destiny is another of Matteo's friends at camp. The two bond over the fact that they both do not have many friends at home and that both are not accustomed to the outdoors. Destiny provides Matteo with self-confidence and helps to ease his fears over the unknown.

Gwen Flores

Matteo and Gwen

Gwen is also one of Matteo’s friends at camp. Gwen had even given Matteo a friendship bracelet. They also both get along really great together. In "Kikiwaka's Got Talent", Gwen befriends Matteo on the night before the talent show, and Matteo hangs out with her for the next day swimming, afterward teaching Gwen a dance he and Finn created, which gave Finn and Matteo no time to practice their ventriloquism act that Matteo decided to do because the dance was "too embarrassing". After when Matteo finally returned, Finn got mad and left. Gwen returns Matteo's friendship bracelet, because she didn't want to get in between Matteo and Finn's friendship. On the night of the talent show, Matteo decides to do the dance, and Finn enlists the help of Gwen, fixing the friendship. In "Lone Wolf", when Matteo refuses to bathe, even after he already won his and Finn's bet, Gwen tells Matteo he smells terrible. Immediately after, Matteo runs off, saying he needs to bathe. In "Serf's Up-Rising", Gwen calls Matteo a hero, and Matteo is very pleased. Through the show, they have developed to like each other turning them to be a little more than just friends. In the episode "Tentacle Difficulties" Matteo mentions that him and Gwen are now dating.

Levi Grayson

Levi is one of new Matteo's friends that he meets when the Baxters come to Camp. They both bonded over being the smart ones of their groups and teamed up to build a raffle machine. Levi even got emotional when Matteo called him his friend.


Ravi is Matteo's counselor at Grizzly Cabin. They are both very smart and seem to get along better than do Ravi and Finn.

Zuri, Emma, and Lou are seldom seen with Matteo, although Matteo appears to think highly of them.


It’s not fun, and I don’t trust you.
—Matteo to Finn in Cav'd In
In my defense, it was really big for a butterfly. And I am really small for a human.


Appearances: 53/161

Season 3

  1. We Can't Bear It!
  2. Let's Bounce!
  3. Take the Cake
  4. O Sister, Where Art Thou?
  5. Cav'd In
  6. By All Memes
  7. A Whole Lotta Lobsta
  8. No Bones About It
  9. Finder’s Keepers, Lou’s a Weeper
  10. Reversal of Fortune
  11. Game of Totems
  12. Toilets and Tiaras
  13. Bungle in the Jungle
  14. Gruel and Unusual Punishment
  15. It's a Blast!
  16. Up, Up and Away

Season 4

  1. Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!
  2. Kikiwaka's Got Talent
  3. Yes, Lies and Tower Escape
  4. An Udder Disaster
  5. Hot Spring Friend Machine
  6. Water Under the Dock
  7. In Your Wildest Screams
  8. Inn Trouble
  9. Lake Rancid
  10. Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
  11. Mo-Squito Mo Problems
  12. Sore Lou-ser
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Serfs Up-rising
  15. Summer Winter Wonderland 
  16. Cramped Champions 
  17. A Tale of Two Stackers
  18. Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat
  19. Snow Cups and Fisticuffs
  20. The S'more, The S'merrier
  21. Lava at First Sight
  22. Town and Clown Relations
  23. Whisper Toots
  24. My Fairy Lady
  25. Party Pooper
  26. Squatters' Fights
  27. Three Stars and a Baby
  28. Manic Moose Day
  29. Breaking Barb
  30. Raven About Bunk’d

Season 5

  1. Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross
  2. Rise of the Machine
  3. R.V. Having Fun Yet?
  4. Tentacle Difficulties
  5. Luck of the Chuck
  6. Look Who's Squawking
  7. Raucous Science
  8. Baton-man Begins
  9. Everyone's Trap'd
  10. Pop Pop Poppin' In
  11. Roll Models
  12. Gi Whiz
  13. Dancin' Up a Storm
  14. Out of the Doghouse
  15. The Great Awkward Bake-Off
  16. I Won't Let You Clown
  17. Crushin' It
  18. A Star is Torn
  19. Frien'ds Forever

Season 7

  1. Happy Trails


  • His character was originally named Kyle Frame.
  • He can be seen as a mini-Ravi/Stuart since he is shown to take precautions and is super smart along with coming out of his comfort zone thanks to his campers.
  • Matteo is from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • He has a strong fascination for dinosaurs, science, and math.
  • He is one of only five characters who knows of the Kikiwaka's existence along with Ravi, Tiffany, Destiny and Finn.
  • He likes to bird watch.
  • He has a dog.
  • He was born in Canada.
  • He is half-Brazilian (via his mom) and half-Panamanian (via his dad).
  • He was absent in Camp Creepy-Waka and Moose Kings and Possum Queens.
  • He does not return for Season 6 as a series regular.
    • Despite this, he will return in Season 7 to guest-star in the final episode, Happy Trails.
  • He and Gwen Flores are in a long-distance relationship.
  • Matteo never appeared with Luke Ross.
  • Matteo Silva is also a co-owner along with Finn Sawyer and Ava King at Camp Kikiwaka.


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