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Gwen and Matteo is the romantic pairing between Gwen Flores and Matteo Silva. They were both campers at Camp Kikiwaka. Matteo and Gwen have a crush on each other. They like to stargaze together. Throughout the show, they have developed to "like-like" each other, turning them into being a little more than just friends. In Season 5, they start dating.
They were portrayed by Scarlett Estevez and Raphael Alejandro.

Kikiwaka's Got Talent[]

In "Kikiwaka's Got Talent", Gwen befriends Matteo on the night before the talent show. The next day, Matteo hangs out with her, and they go swimming. Afterward, Matteo teaches Gwen a dance he and Finn created, which gave Finn and Matteo no time to practice their ventriloquism act that Matteo decided to do because the dance was "too embarrassing". After when Matteo finally returned, Finn got mad and left. Gwen returns Matteo's friendship bracelet, because she didn't want to get in between Matteo and Finn's friendship. On the night of the talent show, Matteo decides to do the dance, and Finn enlists the help of Gwen, fixing the friendship. After the talent show, Gwen accepts Matteo's friendship bracelet back, along with Finn's. She then gives both Matteo and Finn friendship bracelets.

Water Under the Dock[]

In "Water Under the Dock", the Camp is hosting a square dance and Gwen asks Matteo to be her dance partner. However, when Finn convinces Matteo that Gwen wants to be his girlfriend, Matteo feels uncomfortable and starts avoiding her. After some advice from Lou, Gwen dumps Matteo. However, at the square dance Lou finds out what happened, and she concocts a plan to save their friendship. In the end, Gwen and Matteo talk things out and remain friends.

Lone Wolf[]

In "Lone Wolf", when Matteo refuses to bathe, even after he already won his and Finn's bet, Gwen tells Matteo he smells terrible. Immediately after, Matteo runs off, saying he needs to bathe.

Serf's Up-Rising[]

In "Serf's Up-Rising", Gwen calls Matteo a hero, and Matteo is very pleased. Throughout the episode, Gwen accompanies Matteo, whether it's walking around the camp or watching him battle/quest.


Snow Cups and Fisticuffs[]

In "Snow Cups and Fisticuffs", Matteo tells Gwen a "dad joke", and Gwen sarcastically remarks, "You're gonna be a great dad one day." Throughout the whole episode, Matteo and Gwen are together, solving the mystery of the missing snow cup cart. Matteo is the good cop, while Gwen is the bad cop. When Matteo rips off his glasses, Gwen says he looked cool.

My Fairy Lady[]

In "My Fairy Lady", Gwen discovers a tree trunk in the forest where she believed a fairy left gifts for her and vice versa. She tells Matteo about the fairy, but he doesn't believe that a fairy is really leaving Gwen gifts. Matteo then tries to prove that the fairy isn't real and discovers that the "fairy" is really a girl named Willow, who also thought that there was a fairy. When Matteo introduces Gwen to Willow, he explains to both girls that fairies aren't real. That harsh reality, and the smug manner in which Matteo exposed it, left both girls angry with him. Later, Matteo apologizes to Gwen, and she forgives him. Suddenly, an excited Willow shows Matteo and Gwen what she had discovered in the woods, a tiny fairy village. When Matteo claims to have no other explanation for the sight, Willow and Gwen, their belief in the existence of fairies restored, explore the magical place. When both girls are gone, Matteo reveals he was the one who built the fairy houses.

Party Pooper[]

In "Party Pooper", Gwen and Matteo are talking about going stargazing together. Matteo calls it a date, and they smile at each other. While stargazing, Gwen suddenly abandons Matteo without explanation. Matteo realizes that he had chocolate on the back of his pants, and he fears that Gwen believes he pooped his pants. She later reveals that she had farted while they were stargazing, and she was embarrassed thinking that he heard it.

Breaking Barb[]

In "Breaking Barb", when Gwen, Matteo, and Finn are surviving in the woods, Gwen becomes increasingly upset when Matteo keeps recording everything they do. Matteo apologizes to Gwen for judging her survival instincts, and admits he was wrong, which was very hard for him to do.

Tentacle Difficulties[]

In "Tentacle Difficulties", Matteo revealed in this episode that he and Gwen have been exchanging letters. He also revealed that he and Gwen are now dating. Matteo also misses Gwen, because he could talk about anything with her, because they were so similar.

Crushin' It[]

In "Crushin' It", Gwen visits Camp Kikiwaka for the day, which surprises and excites Matteo. They hug, and after their friends leave them to chat, they talk about Gwen's new life in the city. Gwen starts talking about Kevin, a new friend she made, who she says she loves very much. Matteo becomes jealous, asking Gwen about her friend. She describes him as being cute, sweet, having long blonde hair, and really good at skateboarding. All the while, Matteo tries really hard to mask his jealousy. Later, Matteo asks to see Gwen, and when she comes by, she discovers he is wearing skater clothes, a blonde wig, and is now in possession of a skateboard. Because he doesn't know how to use it, Matteo accidentally bangs the skateboard against his leg. Gwen is weirded out by Matteo's new appearance and personality, becoming confused on why he is acting this way. Matteo attempts to impress her by skateboarding, but ends up crashing into the kitchen, which concerns Gwen. Even later, a concerned Gwen drops by Matteo's bunk to ask if he's okay. Matteo confesses that he was jealous of how much Gwen liked Kevin, calling him an amazing young man. Gwen then shows Matteo a picture of Kevin, revealing he was a dog. Gwen tells Matteo that even if Kevin was a real boy, she would still like Matteo much more. Gwen then attempts to take Matteo's wig off, but the "wig" won't come off, revealing that it's his real hair.

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