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Megan was a teen resident of Dusty Tush, Wyoming, that works as a clerk for the Videos, Videos, Videos store on Main Street. She is a huge fan of the science-fiction genre. She is also Noah's girlfriend.
She is played by Grace Lu.



Season 6[]

Season 7[]


  • She is an avid reader of the Sci-Fi Fun Times website.
  • She puts bananas on pizza.
  • She is a "Lounatic" a fan of Lou's pirate novels.
  • She is an intern for Station K-TSH.
  • She is on her school Badminton team.
  • She and Noah Lambert are in a relationship.
  • Megan only appeared as an NPC in a VR game played by Noah in The Glitching Hour.
  • Grace Lu portrayed "Roxanne" in the Do the Write Thing episode of Sydney To The Max.


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