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Nadine is a recurring character appearing in Season 5 of Bunk'd. She is one of the young kids from Moose Rump enrolled in the new PeeWee Waka program, allowing the members to attend Camp Kikiwaka during the day.

She is played by Kyriana Kratter.


Nadine wants to be a superhero so intensely, she keeps trying feats of agility and strength that frequently result in broken bones, to the point that most of her skeleton is reinforced with metal. Her doctor has become quite wealthy due to the number of surgeries that have been performed on Nadine.

Her mother was often working late night shifts at her job, which required Nadine to stay overnight at the Camp on those nights. This could imply Nadine’s mother is a single parent. Nadine currently uses Gwen’s previous bed in Woodchuck cabin.



  • Nadine takes the superhero identity of "The Machine," because due to her reckless nature, she has had several pieces of metal, in the form of pins, screws, plates and such imbedded in her skeleton.
  • She creates her own comic books.
  • She is the first PeeWeeWaka with a speaking/recurring role.
  • Kyriana Kratter has been cast in the upcoming Star Wars live-action series Skeleton Crew for Disney +.


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