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Nina Lu is a American actress. She played Tiffany Chen on Bunk'd during seasons 1 and 2.


Nina Lu plays Tiffany Chen, an uptight perfectionist and Zuri Ross’s bunkmate, in the Disney Channel comedy series "Bunk'd.

"Bunk'd" is Nina's 1st TV professional role, and Baby Doll Records is her 1st web series.

Born on September 18, 2003 in Los Angeles, though she was born in the states, she embraced her Chinese heritage by becoming fluent in the Chinese language.


  • She has the same first name as Nina Millin who portrayed Dr. Sharon Chen.
  • Fluent in Chinese, Nina Lu likes to read, write, sing in show choir, roller skate, and skateboard.
  • Nina Lu loves animals and is the owner of three underwater Mystery Snails, a beta fish, two goldfish and four chickens.
  • She has an older sister named Macy.
  • Nina was born on the exact same day (September 18, 2003) as fellow child actor Aidan Gallagher


Year Title Role Notes
2015 Disney's Monstober Tiffany Main Role
2015-2017 Bunk'd Tiffany Chen Lu's 1st Professional role
2017 An American Girl Story: Ivy & Julie 1976- A Happy Balance Ivy Ling Main Role
2018- Baby Doll Records Busy Lu's 2nd professional role


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