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"No Pain, No Grain" is the nineteenth episode in Season 6 of Bunk'd: Learning the Ropes and the one-hundred and twenty-eighth overall. It premiered on March 3, 2023 to 0.12 million viewers.


Winnie helps her brother Wayne propose to his boyfriend during their visit to the camp. Lou and Destiny teach Bill about self-care, and Parker finally gets his own place to stay.


The episode begins in the mess hall, with Lou wrapping up a counselor meeting. She tells Parker that she managed to squeeze him into Coyote Cabin with Noah, Jake, and Bill, much to Noah's delight. However, Parker tells Lou that he will be staying the abandoned grain silo instead, much to Noah's confusion.

On the great lawn, Winnie is seen hitting the tetherball. Jake inquires and Winnie says that her brother Wayne and his boyfriend Nicholas are visiting Ranch Kikiwaka. No sooner do they arrive and Winnie excitedly greets them. Jake gives Wayne a tour of the ranch as Nicholas gives Winnie a secret: he wants to propose to Wayne tonight and wants her blessing, to which she excitedly accepts. She suggests that Nicholas does it in the barn.

Later, in the mess hall, Destiny and Lou find Bill exhausted, having buttoned his shirt backwards and having no food on his tray. They tell him he his overworked but he denies it, claiming it was necessary.

In Coyote Cabin, Noah is helping Parker pack up all his shoes. Noah still offers to let Parker stay with them in Coyote Cabin, but he is too excited to stay in the grain silo. He later shows it to Noah, who is not impressed.

Later, in Mustang Cabin, Lou and Destiny are preparing for a day of self-care for Bill. Bill annoyedly arrives, having discovered his clothes were stolen and there was a note telling him to come to Mustang Cabin. Lou begins relaxing in a chair and Destiny puts on a face mask, which scares Bill. Bill refuses to partake in self-care and instead takes his clothes and leaves to do more chores. Lou also freaks out from Destiny's mask.

In the mess hall, as Jake finishes the tour, Wayne secretly tells Jake that he wants to propose to Nicholas tonight. Jake suggests he does it in Dead Skunk Gulch, to which Wayne agrees to. As Wayne leaves, Winnie enters and she and Jake reveal to each other their secrets, causing Winnie to worry that her brother and his boyfriend are proposing in two different places at the same time. She suggests that she and Jake flee to the Galapagos and start a seahorse farm, but Jake simply suggests getting Wayne and Nicholas to move their proposals to the same spot.

In the grain silo, Noah and Parker are sweeping it out to clean it for Parker's moving in. Despite Parker's imagery, Noah remains unimpressed at the silo's "potential", which is only deepened when grain falls on him.

Destiny and Lou are trying again to get Bill to try self-care. He enters as Destiny stole his sheep shearers. Bill is once again forced to partake in self care. However, as Lou begins massaging Bill's feet, he gets tickled and accidentally knocks a bottle full of concentrated eucalyptus oil onto Lou and she begins stinking. At this point, Bill has had enough, saying self care is not for him. He then leaves Mustang Cabin.

In the mess hall, Winnie and Jake find Wayne and Nicholas. Winnie goes to Nicholas and convinces him to move his proposal to the Great Lawn while Jake does the same to Wayne (despite the fact he does it more easily).

In the grain silo, Noah and Parke are finished cleaning it. Noah admits that he can see the potential of living here. The two begin to leave but a raccoon blocks the exit. Frightened, they hide behind a stack of boxes containing Parker's shoes, hoping that the raccoon would leave on its own. However, the raccoon immediately begins tearing through Parker's moccasins.

Later that night, on the Great Lawn, Destiny is still grossed out by Lou's strong eucalyptus smell when they hear relaxing music coming from the barn. They head over and find Bill relaxing. Bill lies and says he wasn't doing self care and runs away.

On the Great Lawn, Jake and Winnie are about to witness Nicholas and Wayne propose to each other, with Nicholas having brought a sheep from the barn. Winnie goes out to greet them when Jake all of a sudden remembers the fireworks. They start lighting up the sky, causing the sheep to freak out and run rampant along the Great Lawn. It is at this point that Nicholas and Wayne learned that the other was secretly planning on proposing to them and that Winnie and Jake kept it a secret from them. The quartet then chases the sheep towards the barn (but not without Jake and Winnie almost getting distracted by the fireworks).

In Coyote Cabin, Lou and Destiny corner Bill and force him to confess that he was enjoying self care in the barn. Bill finally admits that he does enjoy self care and he wanted to keep it a secret due to the fact that he sees self care as a sign of weakness. Lou shows Bull that taking time off to care for oneself is actually a sign of strength and it shows that they care for their wellbeing. She is about to hug Bill, but he refrains from the eucalyptus smell.

In the grain silo, Parker and Noah are still hiding from the raccoon. Noah asks Parker why he refuses to stay in Coyote Cabin. Parker admits that while he and Noah are best friends, it would be like Coyote Cabin having two counselors if he moved in with them. They will always adventures, but he wants Noah to keep Coyote Cabin for himself. The two try to escape the grain silo, with Noah getting hit in the gut by the raccoon throwing wooden clogs.

Jake, Winnie, Wayne, and Nicholas run into the barn and shut it to prevent the sheep from escaping. As Winnie tries to calm it down, Wayne and Nicholas admire all the candles that Bill set up for earlier. Winnie returns, and Nicholas and Wayne propose marriage to each other, with both enthusiastically agreeing. As they and Winnie enjoy the moment, Jake finds Bill's face mask and thinks that someone "left" it, causing him to freak out and run out of the barn.

Come morning, Parker shows Noah how he renovated the grain silo to make it a more livable space. Noah asks Parker how he got a toilet installed, and Parker responds by saying that Dusty Tush has a 24-hour bathroom installation service. The episode ends with Noah asking how Parker got rid of the raccoon, with Parker responding that he actually lives with it (now apparently named Brock) now.


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  • The title is a play on the phrase "No pain, no gain."
  • This is the last episode in Season 6 to air on a Friday, before switching to Sunday nights.
  • Lou has a new hairstyle in this episode.
  • Kikiwaka Ranch Animal of the Month - Shirley the Otter
  • Parker names his raccoon roommate "Brock."
  • This episode marks the appearance of the series' first official LGBTQ characters.
  • Frankie Rodriguez plays the role of "Carlos Rodriguez" in High School Musical: The Musical on Disney+.


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