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Noah Lambert is a main character in seasons 4-7 of Bunk'd He is an upbeat and enthusiastic actor from Hollywood, who enjoys leading the Grizzly Cabin in meditation exercises but has zero camp experience.

He is played by Israel Johnson.



Noah Lambert started his acting career as an extra in Summer Camp Part VI, where he was "camper who falls in the lake". This role was possibly inspired by him actually falling in the nearby lake before the audition.
What Noah always suspected but had never been able to prove is that Austin Justin purposefully pushed him into the lake so he couldn't show up for his audition for the minor role of hot dog vendor.
With Noah's absence, Austin auditioned for the role instead and won the part.

When Noah arrives at Camp Kikiwaka, he cites his appearance in the movie as the reason for being a qualified camp counselor, despite having no actual experience or outdoor skills.


Water Under the Dock[]

In Water Under the Dock, when Destiny invites famous actor Austin Justin as the main attraction to her charity fundraiser, Noah is encouraged to end his long-term rivalry with Austin.
Noah always believed that Austin sabotaged the start of his career, but having no way to prove it, is eventually convinced he was mistaken.
Until Austin meets with Noah privately and admits the suspicion was true, he did make sure Noah's first audition failed, which caused Noah's acting career to completely fail as a result.

Unfortunately for Austin, Ava had been standing nearby and recorded the entire conversation to a video file using her smartphone, which she played back to the entire audience at the charity event.
Austin's popularity with his fans immediately plummeted once his nefariousness was revealed.


Noah is easygoing and friendly, sometimes naive. However, despite this, he is the stricter and savvier of the two new camp counselors.

He is also good at emotional counseling, as he's good at figuring out someone's internal problems and solving them.


Despite being very gregarious, Noah has few or no friends prior to arriving at Camp Kikiwaka.
He does later manage to start a tentative friendship with Ava, who isn't used to people wanting to be her friend.


Hamburger is ready.


Appearances: 38/161

Season 4[]

  1. Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!
  2. Kikiwaka's Got Talent
  3. Yes, Lies and Tower Escape
  4. An Udder Disaster
  5. Hot Spring Friend Machine
  6. Water Under the Dock
  7. In Your Wildest Screams
  8. Inn Trouble
  9. Lake Rancid
  10. Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
  11. Mo-Squito Mo Problems
  12. Sore Lou-ser
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Serfs Up-rising
  15. Summer Winter Wonderland
  16. Cramped Champions
  17. A Tale of Two Stackers
  18. Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat
  19. Snow Cups and Fisticuffs
  20. The S'more, The S'merrier
  21. Lava at First Sight
  22. Town and Clown Relations
  23. Whisper Toots
  24. My Fairy Lady
  25. Party Pooper
  26. Squatters' Fights
  27. Three Stars and a Baby
  28. Manic Moose Day
  29. Breaking Barb
  30. Raven About Bunk’d

Season 5[]

  1. Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross
  2. Rise of the Machine
  3. R.V. Having Fun Yet?
  4. Tentacle Difficulties
  5. Luck of the Chuck
  6. Look Who's Squawking
  7. Raucous Science
  8. Baton-man Begins
  9. Everyone's Trap'd
  10. Pop Pop Poppin' In
  11. Roll Models
  12. Gi Whiz
  13. Dancin' Up a Storm
  14. Out of the Doghouse
  15. The Great Awkward Bake-Off
  16. I Won't Let You Clown
  17. Crushin' It
  18. Camp Creepy-Waka
  19. A Star is Torn
  20. Moose Queens and Possum Kings
  21. Frien'ds Forever

Season 6

  1. Learning the Ropes
  2. Never a Dull Moo-ment
  3. Worst Aid
  4. Wrecks Marks the Spot
  5. The Truth Will Sweat You Free
  6. Where the Buffalo Betties Roam
  7. A Recipe for Disaster
  8. Back in the Saddle
  9. Bunkhouse of Horror
  10. Hauntin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  11. Hope You Geyser Ready to Go!
  12. The Song Remains a Pain
  13. Art Imitates Life
  14. Wild West Side Story
  15. The Wrath of Con
  16. Finn It to Win It
  17. Alpaca-lypse Now
  18. The Wicked Switch of the West
  19. No Pain, No Grain
  20. Shoe Drops and Chili Plops
  21. Pickett Fencing
  22. Model Citizen
  23. Camp Fails and Beaver Tails
  24. Tap'd Out
  25. Badminton to the Bone
  26. For Letter or Worse
  27. Butter You Doing Here?
  28. Writer's Locked
  29. Most Wanted
  30. Desperate Treasures

Season 7[]

  1. Cursed Day of Camp
  2. Workaversary Girl
  3. Meat Cute
  4. An Arrow Victory
  5. Hot Couture
  6. What About Barb?
  7. Wastin' Away Again in Barb-aritaville
  8. Don't Hate the Mayor, Hate the Game
  9. Coop D'etat
  10. Me, Myself, and A.I.
  11. The Glitching Hour
  12. Friends in Snow Places


  • Noah enjoys playing his trombone, Mr. Toots.
  • He is an actor as he played the kid who falls in the lake in the movie Summer Camp Part IV: Slam Dunk.
  • Apparently, "Noah" is really a stage name, however, Matteo and Gwen do not let him reveal his true name.
  • He shares the name of Noah Drake who appeared in the episode For Love and Money.
  • He has artificial earlobes, due to a childhood incident where he kept trying to pierce his own ears and damaged them severely.
  • It is revealed he has thalassophobia in Tentacle Difficulties
  • Noah is a week older than Ava.
  • He is dating Megan, a video clerk in Dusty Tush.
  • He is an outgoing Gemini with a Virgo rising.

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