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Parker Preston is a main character in Season 5 Season 6 and Season 7 of Bunk'd, starting with the episode “R.V. Having Fun Yet?” Parker is described as "a witty charmer with an inherent likability" despite the cocky demeanor he’s picked up as a member of an ultra-wealthy family. It turns out he’s the only Preston who cares about a deed giving descendants of great-great-grandfather Preston a 15 percent stake in Camp Kikiwaka. Now, Parker shows up at Kikiwaka determined to implement over the top ideas to make the camp overwhelmingly successful, but it quickly becomes clear that he’ll butt heads with Lou over what success looks like. When the Preston family agrees to finance another kids recreational venue for Lou to establish in Dusty Tush, Wyoming, Parker joins the staff as the official Activities Director for the new Kikiwaka Ranch. He is the co-owner of the new vegetarian BBQ restaurant called the Dusty Diner. He is also the current Mayor of Dusty Tush.
He is played by Trevor Tordjman.





Parker is an upbeat and energetic person. He is very daring and liked by others, due to his talents, such as being able to do backflips and being a very skilled dancer. He is eager and very happy when socializing with other people. However, he is shown to have some insecurities hidden behind his happy persona. In "Gi Whiz", Parker is so scared that the campers won't like him that he doesn't say no to some of the dangerous things they want to do. He admits to Ava that he tends to be worried about what people think of him. He also faced rejection from his family, as his family thinks that he "only brings shame to the Preston name." His sister Priscilla is also very mean to him and his relationship with her seems to be a very rocky one. In the season 6 episode "For Letter or Worse", he is so upset with his sister that he writes an EXTREMELY angry letter to her. Parker is also not very competent (as Lou often points out). This is probably due to him growing up in a wealthy family and not having to learn how to do a lot of things for himself. He has a very over-the-top personality and tends to go overboard with things, which leads him to mess things up sometimes despite only having good intentions. He can be a little bit prideful and arrogant, but it seems like he only pretends to be that way in order to hide his low self-esteem and self-doubt. Despite claiming that he can do amazing things for the camp and being very proud of his ideas for making the camp better, Parker seems to doubt himself, worrying if he will ever really be as successful as he wants himself to be (probably due to his own incompetency and because he's struggled to be successful with his past business ideas). During the season 6 episode "A Recipe for Disaster", a camper playfully mocks Parker by pretending to be him saying "Hi, I'm Parker, my bright smile is covering up the existential fear that my life will be a series of ever escalating failures." That statement seems to hit too close to home for Parker, as he says "Ouch... You'd fit right into my family reunions" with a upset look on his face. When he becomes mayor of Dusty Tush in season 7, Parker goes on about how being mayor is the "culmination of a life-long dream of finally making something of myself and finally getting the respect I so (deserve)." Despite any insecurities he may have, Parker continues to be positive, cheerful, playful, and always ready to make things fun. He is also very caring, compassionate, and encouraging to the campers and counselors, often giving them very heartfelt advice and support. In the season 6 episode "Butter You Doing Here?", Parker is so enthusiastic about supporting Bill at his ranching competition that he goes overboard, clapping and shouting "Let's Go Bill!!" for two hours straight.


He started dating Victoria Vance in the season 6 episode "For Letter or Worse". As of the season 7 episode "Coop D'etat", the two are still dating.


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"You are right. This camp is already so awesome, and I would love to be a part of it, if you'll have me. I obviously have a lot to learn from you." - Parker to Lou in season 5 episode "R.V Having Fun Yet?"

"I still wish you would lean on me more. Then, you'd be less busy and have more fun. And instead of coming up with bad ideas on my own, we can come up with good ideas together." Parker to Lou in season 5 episode "Everyone's Trap'd".

"The only thing that will give you confidence at this is practice and hard work. There's no shortcut." - Parker to Winnie in the season 7 episode "An Arrow Victory".

"It's okay to make mistakes. I mess up with Lou all the time, she always gives me more chances." Parker to Finn in the season 5 episode "Crushin It".


  • He is the 14th main character to be on the show.
  • Like his portrayer Trevor Tordjman, Parker is Canadian.
  • He is the first main character to not make his debut in the season premiere.
  • He makes his first appearance in R.V. Having Fun Yet?.
  • He mistakenly thought Lou had a crush on him in the season 5 episode "The Great Awkward Bake-Off".
  • He is highly attracted to Victoria Vance and invites her to teach Dance at Kikiwaka Ranch.
    • They have since began dating.
  • A younger Parker (played by Zachary Michael Cruz) appeared in Hauntin’ Around the Christmas Tree.
  • His nickname P-money is similar to Ravi Ross's nickname R-money which was in Fog'd In
  • He is the second character with an alliteration name, the first was Ravi, the third is Winnie, and the fourth is Jake.
  • In the season 6 episode "For Letter or Worse", it is revealed that Parker keeps a journal as he is good at writing out his true thoughts and feelings.
  • Parker became a dual citizen of both the US and Canada in the season 6 episode "Model Citizen".
  • Lou mentions that Parker once wanted to go to beatboxing college in the season 6 episode "The Truth Will Sweat You Free".
  • Parker tells Bill he once applied for business school in the season 7 episode "What About Barb?"
  • He wears track suits very often.
  • He beat Lou at rock paper scissors in the season 6 episode "Badminton to the Bone".
  • He claims to have tons of great ideas to fix the town of Dusty Tush, so he competes against Jake to be mayor in the season 7 episode "Don't Hate the Mayor, Hate the Game". At the end of the episode, Parker becomes the new mayor of Dusty Tush. As of the season 7 episode "Coop D'etat", he is still the current mayor of Dusty Tush.
  • Parker and Victoria will be engaged to marry in the final 10 episodes of the series. This will make them the second couple in Bunk'd to get engaged, followed by Wayne Webber and Nicholas. This will make them the 3rd couple in the Jessie franchise overall to get engaged, followed by Jessie Prescott and Brooks Wentworth.


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