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Priscilla Preston is Parker's ultra-successful younger twin sister. At the end of the summer, she flies to Camp Kikiwaka to offer her brother a job in the family business.

She is played by Meg Donnelly.



Season 5[]

Season 6[]


  • She was first mentioned in Tentacle Difficulties as trying to call Parker.
  • She once tricked Parker out of his android butler, so she could use it for spare parts.
  • She used to compete in pageants.
  • Priscilla has a space station and a hospital named in her honor.
  • Parker states she competed in a hot dog eating contest and a marathon, in the same day, and won both events.
  • She can pilot her own jet.
    • Her jet is first seen in Frien'ds Forever.
  • Meg Donnelly and Trevor Tordjman have co-starred in all the DCOM entries in the Zombies franchise, as cousins "Addison" and "Bucky".


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