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Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

Ravi Ross, a pleasure. You must be Ms. Gladys, the proprietor. Thank you for letting Mrs. Kipling come to camp. I assure you, the odds of her eating any campers are very remote.
Greetings, bunk mate! Hey!
That alligator thingy is my pet.
Ravi Gupta Balasubramanium Ross, your new CIT eagerly reporting for duty, sir!
Oh. So what are the cabin rules?
You know those cost, like, five cents, right?
Actually, that is my...
That seems medically impossible.
Well, parts of you clearly are. So let me guess. The aliens probed you?
Okay, this is a cult. Taxi!
Obviously, as your counselor-in-training, I am demonstrating what not to do.
It was a jumbo! What do they feed those chickens?
No, you do not. You moved the table.
That is not a saying.
I am not a killer of the buzz! As your counselor-in-training, it is my duty to teach you to follow the rules!
Oh, that is Jorge. He refuses to shower.
I still cannot believe you sent my sisters off into the woods to become Kikiwaka kebabs.
We are doomed!
Oh! We all have flashlights!
You all have flashlights!
I cannot focus my eyes!
We encountered the Kikiwaka! That was us.
Oh! Jorge, move back! You are supposed to melt the marshmallow, not your face.
Not if he knows Jorge had burritos for dinner.

Gone Girl[]

Candy here! Get your delectable, sugary treats! And speaking of delectable, notice how my rump is rocking these bike shorts.
Okay, people. Uh, one at a time, please. Oh, perhaps a single file.
Stop! You are pulling my taffy!
Poison ivy?
Emma, I have something important to tell you!
No! Xander asked you out so he could kill you, like he did his previous girlfriend, Amanda!
I will have you know he has slaughtered many, many flies in our cabin!
I am telling you, tonight, Xander is planning on killing you!
Where is Emma?
You mean she is already gone?
Emma, I will save you!
And Lou broke my rib.
Um, excuse me, you two. I just want to apologize again for letting my imagination run wild and ruin your date.
I am so happy you have forgiven me. I promise, from now on, I will not interfere with your romantic pursuits. And I am doing it again.