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Ravi and Tiffany is the friendship/Romantic pairing between Ravi Ross and Tiffany Chen. They are friends, but they don't interact much due to them being in different cabins. Tiffany developed a one-sided crush on Ravi in No Escape.
They were portrayed by Karan Brar and Nina Lu.

Fan Names[]

  • Tavi (T/iffany and R/avi)


Season 1[]

Smells Like Camp Spirit[]

  • Tiffany was behind Ravi in the lunch line.
  • Tiffany tried to teach Ravi how to swim by reading books.

Friending with the Enemy[]

  • Ravi tried to carry Tiffany to safety.
  • Tiffany admitted that she liked it.

No Escape[]

  • Tiffany landed on Ravi after falling off the rock climbing wall.
  • Tiffany gave Ravi a cushion as a thank you and promise gift.
  • Tiffany tries to ask Ravi out on a date.
  • Ravi came into Tiffany's cabin and thought she was leaving camp because he made her cry.
  • Ravi said that Tiffany is an amazing woman.
  • He called her smart, sweet, and pretty and he has never seen anyone flip a flash card faster.
  • Ravi said that if she was older, and if her mom lets her date, there would be no one he'd rather play Norwegian checkers with.
  • Tiffany returned Ravi's cushion to him.

Similarities & Differences[]


  • They are both book smart.
  • They are both non-athletic.


  • Ravi is a male; Tiffany is a female.
  • Ravi is a grizzly; Tiffany is a woodchuck.
  • Ravi has a loving but firm adoptive mother; Tiffany has a biological one that's learning to be more loving.


Season 1[]

No Escape[]

Ravi: Tiffany, stop! You do not need to leave camp over me.
Tiffany: Don't flatter yourself. It's laundry day.
Ravi: Oh. Well, that was slightly embarrassing. Uh. (Sighs) You probably want this back.
Tiffany: (Chuckles) Slightly embarrassed beats totally humiliated. Why do you even want to talk to me? I thought I was just a "ridiculous little girl."
Ravi: You know what? I should never have said that. I'm extremely sorry.
Tiffany: Ravi, why don't you like me?
Ravi: I do like you. Very much, but just as a friend. Tiffany, you are an amazing young woman. You are smart, and sweet, and pretty and I have never seen anyone flip a flash card faster.
Tiffany: It's all in the wrist.
Ravi: And if I were your age, there is no one I would rather play Norwegian checkers with.
Tiffany: Really?
Ravi: Absolutely. And someday boys will be lining up at your door, If and when your mom allows you to date.
Tiffany: (Chuckles) Thanks, Ravi. So, do you think we can pretend this never happened and just go back to being friends?
Ravi: I would love that. Oh, uh, see you at book club in the mess hall tomorrow?
Tiffany: Absolutely. I'll save you a seat and you'll be needing this.
Ravi: (Gasps) I love you, I love you, I love you! I was talking to the cushion.
Tiffany: Yeah, I got that.


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