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Ravi and Xander is the friendship pairing between Ravi Ross and Xander McCormick. They are good friends and they were both in the same cabin.
They were portrayed by Karan Brar and Kevin G. Quinn.

Fan Names[]


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

  • Xander is the first friend that Ravi makes at Camp Kikiwaka.
  • Ravi is Xander's new CIT.
  • Ravi asked Xander about the cabin rules.
  • Xander warned Ravi to always wear shower shoes.
  • Xander said that Ravi was doing fine, considering that he couldn't even pick up an egg in the egg race.

Gone Girl[]

  • Ravi overheard his conversation with Lou.

Camp Rules[]

  • They both appear to have a case of hearing loss.
  • Ravi wanted Xander to check out his new personality.
  • Ravi threw a book at Xander.

Smells Like Camp Spirit[]

  • Xander made sure that Ravi was ready.

Similarities & Differences[]


  • They are both males.
  • They are both in the Grizzly cabin.
  • Xander and Ravi are both a counselor


  • Xander is older than Ravi.
  • Xander is athletic; Ravi isn't.


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

Ravi: Greetings, bunk mate! Hey!
Xander: Uh... Whoa! Uh, I think that alligator thingy ate your pet.
Ravi: That alligator thingy is my pet.
Xander: Oh, that explains the cage. I just thought we were getting a really creepy kid.
Ravi: Ravi Gupta Balasubramanium Ross, your new CIT eagerly reporting for duty, sir!
Xander: I'm Xander.
Ravi: Oh. So what are the cabin rules?
Xander: I'm not really big on rules. Except always wear shower shoes. I once got fungus so bad, I lost a toenail. But it's cool, 'cause now I use it as a guitar pick.
Ravi: You know those cost, like, five cents, right?
Xander: I think Ravi's doing great, considering he could barely pick up his egg for the egg race.
Ravi: It was a jumbo! What do they feed those chickens?

Camp Rules[]

Ravi: Great. Now I can add hearing loss to my list of camp-related injuries.
Xander: What?
Ravi: Xander, check it out! Ravi Ross: Citation Boss! Freeze, ne'er-do-well!
Xander: You know "Throw the book at them" is just an expression, right?
Ravi: I am going to prove to Gladys that I have what it takes to be a counselor, even if I do not meet the height requirement.
Xander: 10-4. I'll have the kids make you a badge in arts and crafts. Oh, and maybe some lifts for your shoes.
Ravi: No. I have a feeling the chili is dangerous enough.
Xander: Why are you having Jorge serve the food? I saw him blow his nose in his own hair.
Ravi: I am merely enforcing Gladys's edict.
Xander: But it's not exactly making you popular around here.
Ravi: I have never been popular. In eighth grade, I was voted, "Guy We Did Not Know Went To Our School." But now I am respected.
Xander: Really? Because when those kids in arts and crafts found out this badge was for you, this is what they made.
Ravi: Why would they make this? Asked and answered.
Xander: Look, man. There are some good camp rules, like never give a bear an enema. But can I give you some advice? Don't sweat the small stuff.
Ravi: But the small stuff leads to bigger stuff. If I had not punished Jorge, who knows what kind of trouble he would be getting into right now?
Xander: I have a feeling you're gonna find out. He just left.
Ravi: What? Jorge has flown the coop! And apparently he seasoned the chili with an old boot.

Smells Like Camp Spirit[]

Xander: Hey, your ready for your swim test bro?
Ravi: Absolutely! I am going to BARF.
Xander: No, dude, it's gonna be okay.


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