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Ravi and Zuri is the sibling relationship between Ravi Ross and Zuri Ross. Ravi is Zuri's second oldest brother. Zuri and Ravi are extremely close. They care for each other a lot. Though, whenever Zuri knows Luke isn't on the spot, she blames Ravi for her mistakes, and unlike Luke, he never plots to get her back and accepts, though he gets her back by Jessie soon finding out and blaming Zuri. Sometimes, Ravi makes Zuri rather mad. When Zuri (Jessie was in her body) said she and Jessie had switched bodies, Ravi pretended to, "play," with her though this was very serious.
They are portrayed by Karan Brar and Skai Jackson.


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

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Similarities and Differences[]

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  • Both tend to help Jessie or Tony out with their "work".
  • Both argue occasionally about Mrs. Kipling.
  • Both bicker with each other the most.
  • Both love animals.
  • Both took care of Mrs. Kipling's babies the most.
  • Both are usually in a plot that involves a supporting character (usually one of the main characters: Jessie, Emma, Luke, Bertram, etc).
  • Both are usually supporting characters, but play huge roles with Bertram and Luke.
  • Both are adopted by Morgan and Christina Ross.
  • Both are Bertram Winkle's favorites out of all for Ross kids.


  • Ravi's a Grizzly; Zuri's a Woodchuck
  • Ravi is more of a book-smart; Zuri's a street-smart kind of girl.



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